There’s a reason bobs are the most popular black women hairstyles. Black bobs are versatile, easy to maintain, and almost universally flattering. A simple change of the part can transform the look of a particular haircut completely. Straight medium-length hair looks perfect in sleek bob hairstyles. Part your inverted cut on the side and fashion your shiny locks into a comb-over style that adds height to the crown section. The exotic pink-blonde balayage provides a surprising shock of color against the dark brown roots.

You will also be able to manage the style and shape of your hair with the help of a hot air brush or a straightener. Moreover, we encourage you to use dry shampoo with curtain bangs at all times. This can help you with retaining a refreshed look. Short bob haircut with curtain bangs can offer face-framing looks to you around the face. Getting curtain bangs for bright blonde hair is something that you can consider for a night out with girls or even for a date night. This is one of our favorite looks of curtain bangs to women with black hair.

You don’t need all the color and cuts to have an amazing style. Go with a simple bob like this one and look stunning. Natural hair is the best, add a pop of color and a little curl and you’re set to go. Keep your pixie long, add some color and layers, and you’ll be looking great all day long. With the added side part, this textured bob is gorgeous and full of volume. If you like to accessorize, you can add colored strands, beads, rings, clips, etc. to your braids or any style.

Much like how a curtain frames a window, the hair in the front acts like a curtain to frame the face (hence the name!). They’re usually on the longer side and have wispy, soft ends, giving them a laid-back vibe. There are many different options to style curtain bangs depending on the hair type and your face shape. Here are some top-class examples of perfect curtain fringe bangs for your reference.

These low-maintenance style ideas will have you reaching for the scissors. As a hair chameleon, this certainly isn’t Mowry’s first rodeo when it comes to going blonde. Of course this is no big surprise, seeing as the beloved former Sister Sister star loves to switch things up when it comes to her hair — and we’re always here for it.

The singer kept them simple by pulling her strands back into a low ponytail. According to Gen Z, side parts are a thing of the past, but it’s possible the jury is still out on that one. And good news millennials, if you’re creative you can do both curtain bangs and a side part. Our purpose is to help you find your next haircut, hairstyle or color that you’ll love. These cute curly sew-ins are so defined, and you should go for this ASAP! This half updo, plus those on fleek edges, gives a sense of sophistication to your long, dark tresses.

Plus, the stacked back of the inverted bob pronounces its volume. Believe it or not, you can have a look that is full of body and still sleek. The extra fullness will keep the short cut from feeling flat and dull. Go for the look of a long bob with shoulder-length layers at the front and neck-length layers at the back.

A few waves and curls give it that special 1920s elegance. Experiment with your hair to achieve a multitude of looks. These bob haircuts for black women are ideal for folks who want to show off their mood and personality. Go ahead and break away from the monotony with these interesting hairstyles.

In terms of length, the pixie bob style saddles the line between these two styles. In this particular look, the model’s hair has been styled in Marcel waves that lay flat on her head. The platinum hispanic curly hair taper blonde coloring given at the top creates a mesmerizing effect when paired with the super structured curls. Black women love experimenting with hairstyles, colors, extensions, and accessories.

Do you have hair that is longer than shoulder length? Instead of straight bangs that come down across the forehead, opt for a black hairstyle featuring a softly curled side bang. On the other half, use a little hair product to sweep the hair away from your face. The super sleek and smooth hair that curls back in the pony is a look that the little girls will absolutely adore. If the front parts are shorter and cut in the form of bangs then curl them up too.

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