Knitting yarn takes a lot of steps like combing, carding, twisting, spinning, and drawing out. Yarn knitting takes a lot of wool power and shear dedication. Knitting projects can take anything from a couple of hours to a lot of months. Many people say that knitting crochet takes less time, which allows them to handle multiple knitting projects at a time. While the art of knitting and crochet may seem outdated to some, we’re sure that crochet humor and knitting puns and not going out of fashion anytime soon.

“That project quite literally changed my life.”Amy, a New York City-based undergraduate student, was one of those pandemic-era novices inspired by crochet masters like Sarah. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Save patterns, share updates, and connect with your community. If you have any confusion or difficulty with reading this pattern, please watch the video tutorial to have visual instructions. What’s better than a funny meme?

The robber was easily able to pull the wool over my eyes. I have to spend the next 5 days buying new wool sweaters for Christmas. Christmas shopping wool be the cause of my death.

Thank God, she’s alive and wool. My friend accidentally dropped her wool while knitting. “Don’t worry, knit happens”, I chuckled. The needle was a great stand up comedian. His jokes left everyone in stitches.

She is fond of classic British literature. My grandmother just finished a 3-day yarn marathon. I hope she’s feeling wool. My father was having a hard time handling all of the farm animals on his own.

He needles all the support he can get. A woman had a lot of trouble trusting her knitting friend. She thought her friend always spun a yarn. I can’t seem to think of any puns related to knitting. I think I have finished all of my material. Clever Knitting PunsHere are some clever knitting puns for your enjoyment.

A while back I joined a CAL on Facebook in order to make a peacock. I had seen the finished project before and really liked the design, so I decided I couldn’t protective hairstyles for sleeping wet hair skip this one. I made a bunch of stuff to sell with Tegendraads at Gamepitcon last January. So I crocheted a new one. Now when I rip it, it has less holes.

Few crochet projects capture just how much the craft has changed like TikTok star Kaylee’s recent “b00bie” pillows. Making hilarious original work like that, Kaylee says, takes years of practice. The prodigy crafter has an Etsy shop where he’s happy to sell his work, but Caleb also enjoys teaching newcomers how to make their own art through his “CrochetingWorlds” podcast. His exuberant personality and sheer love of crocheting is so apparent his followers make fan art portraits of him — always smiling and surrounded by yarn. One of my earlier patterns was that of a Catbus, from the movie My Neighbour Totoro.

Access 2,500+ quality-checked patterns, a library of handy how-to videos and much more. Instead of shipping physical products during the pandemic, Sarah has mostly been selling patterns (that’s crochet lingo for written instructions) to newbie crafters online. From the socially distant safety of home, TikTok users from around the world have recreated Sarah’s work, many of them finishing their first crochet project ever under her guidance.

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