If you only want to buy a few hooks here is a list on the most useful sizes to buy. Getting the right hook size can really determine the success of your project. Usually patterns will tell you what size hook to use but I was still a little confused about the correlation between hook size and end result when I started crocheting. My all time favorite crochet hooks are the Clover Armour hooks. They are very comfortable to hold and the rubber grip makes them a bit thicker so it’s easier to hold as well. Scissors are an important crochet tool that you should never go without!

Beagle fans will love the chance to make their very own crocheted dog thanks to this cute crochet kit that’s aimed at advanced crocheters. This device records the number of rows and stitches in real-time, and can also store the data of the last stitch and last row. It has 12 interchangeable heads with hook sizes from 2.0 mm sofi credit limit – 8.0 mm and an integrated led-glowing light that will allow you to work in the dark. Generally, crochet sets come with multiple sizes of hooks. However, if you are a beginner, I recommend you start with a 3.5 mm or a 4 mm hook. Below, the very small stitches are difficult to visualize and you can get lost counting them.

Obviously, the very basic crochet materials are yarn and a crochet hook, but I’m going to go over a few others that can make things a little easier. In addition to the hook and yarn, you’ll need a few more basic supplies in your crochet toolkit, like a yarn needle, a pair of scissors, some stitch markers, and a measuring tape. Of course, the most important tool for crochet is the crochet hook! There are various types of crochet hooks you can use, but beginners may want to start with inexpensive aluminum hooks.

A good kit will come with an instruction book, at least a couple hooks, a tapestry needle, and a few stitch markers. There’s more places selling yarn and crochet supplies than you would expect, actually. There’s obviously the big craft stores like JoAnn and Michales. But you can actually find most of what you need at places like Walmart, Target, and even the dollar store. You can find Boye hooks in most craft stores and even some department stores like Walmart if they have a yarn section. It’s probably not a surprise that the two absolute essentials to start crocheting are yarn and a crochet hook.

Personally, I am left hander but it didn’t make much difference when I learned. If you watch tutorials, you will simply need to reverse hand roles. Hello little pumpkins, today I decided to write an article about all the supplies and tools you need if you plan to start crocheting. This post will be about general crochet and, more especially amigurumi.

I’ll also give you some tips on choosing the right yarn and hooks for your projects, to help you start off on the right track. Then, I’ll talk about some other crochet supplies you might want to buy to make your crochet experience easier and more fun. I’m Krista, and I’ve been creating modern crochet patterns since 2010. I’m a big believer that crochet should be both simple and beautiful. The best crochet stitch book is The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, which has over 220 different stitch patterns to learn. For crocheting, you will want to use locking stitch markers.

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