Clary’s blood oath to find Madzie activated in the form of an old French spell, la chair brûlée, or “the burnt flesh.” She went to Magnus for help, but he was unable to help, as blood oaths are binding and must be completed. Their first date was followed by many others, including trips to other parts of the world like Tokyo and Prague through Portal. From one of their trips, Alec bought Magnus an omamori charm, meant to protect the wearer and bring them luck. Magnus later opened up to Maia Roberts, a bartender friend at the Hunter’s Moon, that it had been a long time since someone had given him a gift and he believed Alec was someone special. This apparently happened after a drunken night early on in his life. Having moved to Spain from his hometown, Spanish was the first language he learned after his native language, Indonesian.

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At the beginning of City of Fallen Angels, Maia and Simon are casually dating, while Simon, not to her or Isabelle’s knowledge, ends up also casually dating Isabelle. The truth of Simon’s actions comes out just as Maia runs into her ex-boyfriend Jordan Kyle. Jordan, who had recently become acquainted with Simon, was the one who turned Maia into a werewolf.

Simon was also able to find some more information on Yanluo’s realm of Diyu before the group was kicked out of the store. Magnus and his friends were then summoned to the weaponsmiths, Mo Ye and Gan Jiang, Jinfeng’s parents. The couple gave them the swords of the Heibai Wuchang—White Impermanence and Black Impermanence. They told them the swords would help them in Diyu and were keys before promptly pushing them out the door. Even when they defeated Sebastian, they were still stuck in the other dimension.

Delighted at having magic back, Magnus threw himself into using it with gusto aiding a concerned Alec. He became jealous after discovering Alec had spoken to Andrew Underhill about their relationship problems that he tried to deny to a delighted Alec. Tired of feeling this way, despite Alec’s reassurances, Magnus went to Lorenzo Rey and begged him to give him some of his magic. Lorenzo agreed to the price of Magnus’ apartment but warned him that there were serious risks the magic rejected Magnus.

But the people around him, those who stuck by him and reminded him that his life has purpose, that his abilities are not a burden but a gift, gave him another new beginning. Long before Alec Lightwood came into the picture, Magnus Bane was not an idle man. He traveled, mythical beautiful dragons met with dignitaries, rock legends, and went on a few dates. Over time, Magnus has changed and views the world, especially the Shadow World, differently. The Magnus we meet in The Mortal Instruments is definitely more jaded and leery of the Shadowhunters today.

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