They give us an idea of how this civilization lived until its sudden disappearance during the Conquest times. Although the city’s existence was known, it wasn’t finally excavated and explored until the 20th century. The ancient city collapsed around a thousand years after its creation, sometime around 550 AD for unknown reasons, historians suggest its collapse and demise was most likely due to famine or invasion.

Queretaro is also a culinary delight, with an eclectic choice of local and international restaurants and cafes. Make sure you don’t miss the old aqueduct from the lookout (“mirador”). Also, drop by Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Museo de Arte de Queretaro, Mucal, Templo de Santa Clara. But, most of all, take a tour of the city on the tram bus where for just 10 USD a knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the interesting history and anecdotes of the city. In town, there are multiple museums and distilleries where you can learn more about the history of agave and its influence on the local culture and region.

La Lobera is a naturally-formed crater on the Pacific Ocean in Baja California State, near the beach town of Ensenada. The impact site is located in the present-day Mexico beach town of Puerto Chicxulub (pronounced chee-chee-lube). y travel blog holiday inspiration turquoise holidays It is located 980-feet below the Earth, in the Naica Caves, in the city of Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. Many board in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and travel about 220 miles to Creel pueblo magico in Chihuahua, Mexico.

This is a great day trip from Mexico City, just make sure to arrive early and beat the crowds, as the lines can get extremely long. If you have a professional or digital camera that is not your smartphone you will also likely have to pay an additional fee of $45 MXN, to record videos and take photographs. You can find Chichen Itza about 95 miles from Tulum, 125 miles from Cancun and 75 miles from Merida.

Tata Capital offers the best personal loan products which are ideal for travel loan financing. All you need to do is to apply for personal loan or check your personal loan eligibility by getting in touch with Tata Capital and fulfil your dream of a Mexican vacay. Calakmul is also home of an important biodiversity sanctuary, which is the third largest in Mesoamerica. Sian Ka’an is a Mexican biosphere reserve that UNESCO made a World Heritage site in 1987 because of its tropical forests, manglars, marshes, and marine zone. Located in the mountainous region northeast of Mexico City, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is home to a variety of native species of plants and wildlife.

Board one of the flat-bottomed boats called trajinera and enjoy a day out in the canals with live Mariachi music and great food. Mexico City’s historic downtown is filled with beautiful buildings from the Spanish colonial era that surround a happening public square called the Zocalo. A couple of the most iconic buildings are the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. The Palace of Fine Arts and the Postal Palace are other impressive public buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the city’s iconic buildings, the Cathedral of Morelia is a must-see.

This was evidenced by the presence of various religious and civil structures that were built from the 17th to 18th centuries. This is another cultural site included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico. It is made up of 14 monasteries that were built during the 16th century. UNESCO recognized these monasteries as being the model for early monasteries and church buildings as well as their efforts to evangelize in New Spain and Latin America. This site is considered sacred by the Mayans and this also served as the center of the Mayan civilization during ancient times. The stone monuments and works of art by the Mayans were the purest examples of the civilization that have now vanished but once ruled this land.

Calakmul is located in the middle of Campeche state and tucked away in the enormous Calakmul Biosphere reserve. Due to this harder-to-reach location, Calakmul is a rather unknown world heritage site in Mexico. The easiest way to reach Palenque is as a long day trip from San Cristobal de las Casas.

No archaeologist can tell why the Mayan left and abandoned the site. It’s worth noting that it’s not just two caves; the whole area is filled with caves, some of which are hard to reach. Both sites are hard to reach with public transportation , so you should rent a car. Contrary to most Mayan cities, it wasn’t affected by the 900 AD general collapse and stayed a major city until the 14th century.

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