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Genasi who is having much display think of themselves have more than one image. Genasi age at a similar time to humans, reaching maturity in their late adolescent years. They will live up to 120 years, which is significantly longer than humans. They will pass as humans or have a distinct natural aspect indicating their origins, depending on which side of the family they take after.

From the physical characteristics to their attitudes, they can be as subtle as the air itself. Breeze, Whisk, Wheeze, Gust, Sail, Gale, and Whiff are a few instances of good titles. They are immune to the forces inherent to their existence, and many are considered to be able to manipulate them. Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Water Genasi name. Always had a hot temper, but after her parents died, she left for the unknown world, the true meaning of her name is yet to be witnessed. Many get abandoned at birth, making them highly independent and confident to the point of being arrogant.

Many feel nothing for their genasi children at all. Occasionally, genasi result from exposure to a surge of elemental power, through phenomena such as an eruption from the Inner Planes or a planar convergence. Elemental energy saturates any creatures in the area and might alter their nature enough that their offspring with other mortals are born as genasi. Most Water Genasi look as if they have just finished bathing, with beads of moisture collecting on their skin and hairs. Blue or green skin is common, and most have somewhat overlarge eyes, blue-black in colour. Their hair might float freely, swaying and waving as if underwater.

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Genasi are an excellent option for a character because they’re, powerful, and charismatic, and they have a lot of role-playing possibilities. They introduce themselves by their first name, with a good dose of curiosity over other races’ surnames. However, if a Genasi existed outside of a Genasi culture, it is not unusual for them to have a last name. All in the Genasi family is dedicated to their loved ones. The majority of families are significant, with a strong emphasis on socializing. They quickly deem all other Genasi they encounter to be friends, cousins, or even brothers and sisters.

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