But remember–it’s okay to be different. Don’t settle for ordinary if your dreams are extraordinary. Be prepared for your family and friends to not understand why you’d want to move abroad. They may view your decision as an insult, a rejection of their way of life. Personally, I relish being different. I was the girl who preferred bugs to barbies, and who’d rather spend the weekend playing video games than getting a mani-pedi.

Here are lessons you learn by moving abroad alone.

What’s harder to find are relatable stories about how people moved on from those situations. That’s because even when moving on is the clear thing to do, it’s not the easiest thing to do and there’s no one way to do it. Varying lifestyle choices, importance in values, and life goals make it difficult for anyone to tell you how to move forward. But these moving on quotes capture universal emotions that may help you on your personal journey towards finding closure. Leaving home can be a hard or exciting time for just about anyone.

All the best for your new journey my friend! May good things keep coming your way. And that will make it easier do you tip in puerto rico to keep taking small steps forward toward what you want and need in life. You do not have control of the past.

“I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.º – A.G. But those things can be hurting us or not loving us back no more. When those feelings come, probably it’s time to let go and move on. What a great feeling to move into your new house! Remind them that you’re willing to help or bring food or dog walk. If the move was long distance, call in their pizza order, on you.

Honestly, thank you for all the good times. And even though we are being separated geographically, you’ll always be close to my heart. I hope you find lots of happiness in your home. Warm wishes for you as you move to your new home.

But we understand that may be difficult to believe when you’re trying to process complicated emotions. After years of amassing quotes about living in another country, I figured it was time to share my favorites. I hope you find a few gems in this collection that speak to your heart.

Things that are lost are usually found when moving house. I should tell everyone I am leaving so they will feel obligated to spend time with me before I go. If I forget something I’ll buy it there. No matter under what circumstances you leave it, home does not cease to be home.

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