There’s no wrong way to recreate this look, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it. If braids are not your thing, but you would still like to style your hair someway, go for some twists! get lint out of hairbrush Take out the curling iron and twist two strands on opposite sides of the head. Tie them in the middle, and curls some two or three other strands for an all-out sweet and pretty look.

This is another easy Thanksgiving hairstyle that you can literally do in your sleep. Right before bed, flip your head over like you’re going to make a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Don’t make it too tight; this will prevent the volume you’re working for while you sleep. Leave an inch or two out at the bottom so your waves gently fade out at the ends.

A lot of hair boutiques are doing a pre-black Friday sale. Go the extra mile and take out a few stands on each side of your face. Fully embrace your natural hair with this easy-to-recreate Thanksgiving hairstyle. If you have looser curls or deep waves, smooth on a curl-enhancing cream to add a little definition to your hair. Use a twist-out foam and good ol’ flexi rods for heatless texture.

You can find numerous Thanksgiving hairstyles tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest. Of these hairstyle ideas are fairly easy to replicate and go with any style. Or try a french braid crown by replacing your 3-strand braid above with a french braid across the crown of your head.

Missy Sue has an excellent video that teaches you precisely what to do with minimal skills. I absolutely love this “easier than it looks updo” tutorial by Kate from The Small Things Blog. The trick is to add plenty of texture to keep them from looking too young. Take a cue from Kerry Washington and pair double French braids with a suit to be the best dressed at the function. If you’re hungover from the night before , scrape your hair into a bun, and embellish with every bright clip you own. Let cool before breaking up the finished curls with your fingers.

Create the wave pattern with half-inch irons like these from T3 and GHD, then use a brush to comb them out. Use your fingers to brush the waves out for a natural look, and finish with a texturizing spray. Apply a heat protectant or straightening balm, then blow-dry hair using a paddle brush. Secure the low ponytail with an elastic and slightly tease the ends, backcombing the part of the hair near the elastic to add volume. For a loose, undone wave, use a curling iron and shake out each curl as you go.

For me, no fuss means having my hair up, while other girls say that their no fuss look is loose and down. Either way, you can make your style something special for the holiday by adding a pretty headband or scarf. Both look great whether your hair is up or down and will give your look some personality and fun. If you think there’s not much to do with short curly hair, you’re missing out on the world of hair accessories—with the exception of the half bun hairstyle.

This is another hairstyle that is low maintenance yet chic. Follow these detailed and straightforward methods to create the perfect pineapple hairstyle that will last for hours. Scrunchies are making a huge comeback this year, and they’re really easy to work with. It’s perfect for girls who don’t want to mess with their hair too much on Thanksgiving. For a Thanksgiving hairstyle that even Blair Waldorf would approve of, throw on a knotted or embellished headband. After misting on a heat protectant and shine spray, clamp a 1.25-inch ceramic flat iron around your dry hair.

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