For a taste of the local cuisine, try El Vaixell restaurant. It is very large and provides showers, beach cleaning and a beach bar. It has a family atmosphere and there is a stretch of about 200 metres of beach in the Levante area, where nudism is practised. You can reach the beach by parking your car in Arenys de Mar port. At over 2,710 long and with a vast area of sand dunes, it is one of the prettiest and most famous beaches on the island. Depending on which part you visit you can find walkers, surfers or nudists.

Ballota, together with Andrín, is one of the best-known and most photographed beaches on the entire Asturian coast, thanks to the lookout point of La Boriza. Yet its nudist corner is little known, and separated from the rest by El Cuchillón, a jutting rock that acts like a natural and gigantic folding screen. The beauty of Ballota is closely linked to its islet and cliffs. Remember to come when the tide is low to avoid having to put your towel down on the pebbles.

Right on the outskirts of Malaga lays this small naturist guesthouse called Nice and Natural. It’s a perfect destination to escape the city and explore Malaga’s surroundings. The rooms can be rented as either all-inclusive or as self-catering. But it’s possible to rent the whole property with a family. Finca Soñada is a wonderful and green place for people who love naturism. This B&B has 3 guest rooms and one bungalow which are equipped with all comfort and facilities.

Because the area’s naturist association and campsite have taken perfect care of its natural surroundings. You will love the fine golden sand, the landscapes of sand dunes and pine tree groves and the colleges near quantico va coastal path at El Torn. The area boasts all types of services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Castillo de Papagayo is the largest and most popular naturist complex in Charco del Palo.

Mallorca offers a wide variety of beaches where you can sunbathe and swim naked, some of these beaches are quite popular and crowded. As you go southeast on the beach, you’ll encounter more of a nudist and textile mix. Walk farther still and you’ll encounter a population increase at the extreme southeastern end of the beach, where this placemark is pinpointed. The north and western half of the beach abuts the village El Santiscal and the impressive ruins of Baelo Claudia , an ancient Roman settlement.

This is said to be the most beautiful nude beach in the region. In this section, we’ll give you an overview of popular nude beaches in every region of Spain. We already mentioned that Spain does not have a specific law against public nudity. This means that technically every beach could be considered clothing optional. If you plan to get naked on beaches that are not regularly visited by naturists, it’s best to walk away from the crowds before dropping your pants.

The vast majority of beachgoers who come here are locals, and it’s a popular spot for sunset picnics and family barbecues. One of the island’s clothing optional beaches, the dark coloured sands run for around a kilometre, giving plenty of options for seclusion for those looking to go au naturel. Of course this does not mean it is a good idea to parade along the local high street naked or dine out in the nude. Whilst being tolerant to removing one’s clothes in the appropriate place, the Spanish generally appreciate it if you keep the beachwear (or no wear!) to the beach. In Barcelona it is actually illegal to wear just your swimwear in the city. However, this is not to say going nude is frowned upon as there 14 naturist beaches in Barcelona alone.

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