Put down your blow dryer and pick up your lat iron and a comb to bevel fringe – it’s fast, it’s simple and anyone can do it. Use your flat iron to clasp your bangs 1cm from your roots and hold. Pull your hair so that your bangs sit right above your eye.

Which is likely to not be the thing you had in mind. This should bring a little order to the chaos that often accompanies an air dried fringe. That’s because there doesn’t seem to be much desire to use rollers. I say that based on the near total lack of how-to videos.

Since the iron is round, the heated hair takes on the beveled shape. Glide the flat iron down to the tips, while pulling your bangs in the direction you want them styled. Twisting your wrist inwards or outwards cute running hairstyles will curve your bangs in or out. Applying product to your bangs will give it more substance and ensure that the style lasts longer. Leaving products out altogether might make your hair feel too clean or soft.

Some flat irons have left us with crispy ends and cramped hands, while others, like the ones listed here, gave us sleek hair. There’s a dizzying number of options around, but hopefully our favorite hair straighteners can help narrow down your search. Many people try this when they don’t have a pair of flat irons to hand, or if their break down. Rather than putting up with unruly or frizzy hair, they’ve got inventive and put their curling irons to work. To make this work, you need a set of curling irons rather than a hair curler wand.

If the curling iron isn’t enough to smooth your hair, however, straighten it with a flat iron first. And those are the 5 best ways you can style curtain bangs, including how to style your curtain bangs without heat and with heat. This style of bangs might be easy to maintain, but they do require a little bit of styling to make them look pretty. You can do this styling at the comfort of your home though, so it’s really no big deal. Still, if you feel uncomfortable, you can always book an appointment with a pro who will walk you through the pros and cons of getting bangs for your texture. For people with oval or long faces, you can try the wispy bangs with loose ponytail.

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