I’d love to hear about your progress with this adventure. You can also download our food business model canvas free of charge if you plan to sell eggs at farmer’s markets or other nearby events. Recognized by many people as the most beautiful of all the chicken breeds, Silkies are a real profit-making machine.

As mentioned above, try to choose a name that is descriptive but at the same time, catchy. This way you are going to be able to explain your concept better and be more appealing. The first name is “The Valley Farm Chicken Farm” which is a very suitable name for any type of business.

There’s no shortage of silly names in this category. With names like chick and cock, the pun combinations are almost endless. Here are a few examples of light-hearted ideas. You know what they say, “It ages like fine wine”.

Our farm is a 6 acre avocado orchard in a town called Blackbutt in Queensland. We have two little boys and we like to camp there as a family – we will sell avocados and also may let people camp there as well. Ideas that aren’t flower related leave your farm open to performing other activities that aren’t related to selling cut flowers. Although you can include words like capable, enabled, motivated, and other empowering words, you don’t need to. Through your advertising, they will understand that your ranch will offer services aimed at disabled people.

A very useful article with great ideas for naming a farm and the farm name generator is a boon. Thank you and I will be saving this article and sharing it too. Also ive been searching for grants i know there are grants for women farmers , starting non profits, and even for a place that will provide jobs for others. I live in Ohio they are big on helping farmers get started around here. I can’t seem to find ones i can request an application or apply for.

Is there a name you could think of that would flow. We just bought 4 acres with 2 homes located at the base of the central California foothills. A large 1940s and an all of the care bears names older simple bungalow, both fixer uppers. Somewhat iconic as people of the surrounding area know the large house well as being the house “just around the curve”.

Short names are just easier for people to remember and say. Think about it from from your own perspective – would you want to say and remember longer words? So what we recommend is sticking with 4-9 characters. There are a number of websites that can help you in coming up with a name for your business. It is not hard to imagine a fancy and sophisticated name for your chicken farm business. The only thing that is difficult is choosing one.

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