Some backyards are not a typical space or there are existing structures to work around. At Leisure Pools, we offer pools in a variety of size options and shapes to fit nearly any space. These are some of the pools that can be a good fit for smaller spaces. If you’ve thought of every possibility, looked at every angle and still come to the conclusion that a pool just won’t work on your property, consider adding a small water feature.

Designs like this are possible because they’re not limited by a small yard. This small sunken pool is built into the deck and raised above ground level. It thus offers views of the backyard and the surrounding landscape. If you want to install a pool on your deck and above ground, make sure the structure is strong enough to hold it. A modern small pool looks more like a large pool and has a clean and exquisite design.

Long, narrow pools are trendy now and add a modern, Mediterranean flair to any backyard. Round pools are also great for small patios and are perfect for corners. They also look beautiful when tiled and can almost be integrated into landscaping for a natural, rustic look. A lot of times the overall size and shape of a small yard that will help dictate what the best pool shape and design would be to maximize your available space. Many homeowners want to know, “Can you put an inground pool in a small backyard? As you might be surprised to learn, as little as 1,200 square feet of backyard space provides enough room to install a stunning pool.

So, you need to identify your requirement, set a budget, and consider the available space, to figure out which one is most suitable for your place. Make sure you go with a design which you can clean and maintain easily. Since a spool is mainly built for recreational purposes, it is a good idea to set up a bar nearby and place lounge chairs by its side to relax in the company of your friends and family. Add boxwood parterres and you’ll feel like you’re living in a palace.

This uniquely designed pool is the perfect place for a quick dip and is also a prime blueprint for swim-up pool bar design. If your outdoor area is built into a hill and your pool needs to be below the deck, consider this your blueprint. Round pools are a great way to deviate from the standard rectangular look and we love how the patio above reflects the circular motif. The small pool design comes with a water feature that provides a pleasant audio sound of running water. Spruce up a traditional home with a free form pool in the backyard.

However, if you’re limited on space and looking to at least have a lounge chair on your pool’s patio, you will need at least 7 ft. of decking in that area. And if you’d like to fit a table with chairs, you’ll need even more. Every backyard is different, and you have to work with what’s available to you. But one key thing to remember is that curvy pools—like a kidney shape—lose some water space with their freeform characteristics, but they also allow for more potential decking space. On the other hand, vinyl liner and concrete inground pools can be whatever shape you would like, with very few limitations. The patio in this backyard designed by Peti Lau cozies right up to the pool.

And for a whimsical touch, embellish your pool with a charming outdoor fountain or a stylish garden ornament. Endless Pools® offers a line of small pools for your backyard, patio, or new or existing indoor space. It’s the small pool with the feel of a big pool thanks to the Endless Pools current. Our smooth current lets you swim in place or get added resistance for any aquatic exercise; it’s fully adjustable for all ages and experience levels.

The project also features built-in seating, fountain spillways, decorative pool tile, step stones and all new landscaping to provide a lush, private retreat for the owners. You’re going to be able to see it from all angles so it needs to be decorative as well as functional. By avoiding the blue tiles that are usually synonymous with swimming pools, this tiny pool almost looks like a water feature, with its still waters reflecting the garden that surrounds it.

Versailles’s got nothing on your backyard when it looks like this. This ranch house has an underwater bench that runs the length of the 45-foot pool. It’s ideal for dogs to get in and out, or for people to lounge. The stepping stones make it easy to access when you’re not swimming. If you entertain a lot, this unique design is sure to impress guests. Instead of the classic route, opt for a vertical round sunshades like these.

For many people, their dream home includes a pool where they can swim year round. The pool is built into the deck and a drain prevents the water from collecting. This Hudson Valley, New York, pool is finished at one end with a pool house modeled after a temple and terraced into the hill “like a secret druid name folly,” says architect Cynthia Filkoff. At this former Christmas tree farm in Millbrook, New York, landscape architect Janice Parker surrounded the pool with a grassy deck to play up its rural setting. “Setting the pool in grass helps avoid the ‘suburbanization’ of a landscape,” says Parker.

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