The Greek-oriented Druid name is Valmoira which means having a powerful destiny. Elf Names Also We have Discussed in Brief, You may Check Them Nut Here We are Just Taking About Night Elf names Which are Most Perfect Druid. Above Mention Names Also perfect For Druidess Which Can be Easily Trited as Grant and Famous List of Names ideas. This name is brand new, you will definitely get your favorite name from this list.

Clear, hypothetical, taken from mythology, or whatever you fantasise about the Druid’s name. Contrary to clerics and paladins, druids have no unique control over undead. Druids were also asked to explain and exert control over paranormal forces and amazing instances of the natural world. Look at the list below if you’re looking for memorable Druid names. Named after the seductress in Greek mythology, Circe is true to her name and purpose.

What do you want your Druid’s name to say about them? How does it reflect their personality? Whether you delve into history or look to fantasy for your naming inspiration, we know how hard the choice can be. You can always come up with your own character name. Just remember, druids are at one with nature, so find and take inspiration from the elements and you can’t go far wrong. Now that you have a little orientation around the druidic ways, let’s kick it off with our selection of the best druid names.

If you want your daughter to write her own destiny, then this is the name you must pick. Of Greek origin, the name itself means “strong destiny” bikenames and sounds regal. Sefa in Irish mythology was the handmaiden to Queen Guinevere, who possessed druidic powers even though not fully trained.

He sacrificed himself to save the kind and the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “dweller by the lake”. If you have a home by the lake then this name will be ideal for your boy. Leader of the Druids and one of the best Druid boy names is considered to be of Moorish origins. The name has a resounding effect to it when said and will go well with any family name. Druids are famous because of their power to invoke the forces of nature and shift into creatures of the animal kingdom. They are considered to be symbolic of resilient solid nature and are also known for their wrath and cunning nature.

Some people follow Druidism as a spiritual awakening or a religion. Derived from “Dru” meaning “oak” and “wid” (Indo-European word) meaning “to know”, Druidism is a storehouse for names. Druids served as the guardian of the world and used their magic to protect and preserve places where beasts still existed. Good Druid names can have a deep meaning and significance to those who pursue the philosophy. Amaris is a beautiful and modern-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘gifted by God.’ The druid Amaris is a minor character and a member of the warrior band Fianna.

It means “bright light” and also has a fairy tale feel to it. Very popular in Ireland and Scotland the name is very popular as a nickname in old druid folklore. One of the famous Druid girl names, Amaris is a sweet name of Hebrew origin.

Cathbad was known for his knowledge and wisdom on herbs and potions. Another one of Gaelic origin, the name means “noisy” or “boastful”. Although the name does not have a very pleasant meaning, the sound of it seems different and classy.

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