Avoid using any other dark colors because they are distracting. To get a pure white background, use plexiglass and get perfect results. The most common ways to take your jewelry to the next level is to use accessories that will help you show off your jewelry. Accessories can include things like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, to name a few. Some accessories can also be used to create images in your jewelry in a way that the jewelry itself will stand out. When taking product photography shots, it is important to match the product with its surroundings.

Eventually, your brand could be so recognizable that you can use your jewelry box in a creative way without the need for branding. In this image, Tiffany & Co. have their packaging in the frame, but not in the traditional way of showing the product in the box. Though long necklace stands are also available but it is not preferred to use for long neck pieces. You can try emphasizing the beauty of a jewelry item by using flowers, the color of which matches the jewelry stone.

When it comes to jewellery, there are simple jewellery photography props you can use on a budget to get that high-quality photo. This can help encourage sales but also make your shots more creative and diverse can help build a stronger brand image. If customers can’t see detailed jewellery images on your website or social media, how else will you convenience them that your jewellery is worth purchasing? This blog will guide you through the tips and tricks to achieve innovative images on a budget. Other jewelry photography props that I use for necklaces are bowls.

The best prop to show the ring or bracelet in the real shape. It is usually made of plastic and is designed with emulational hand shape. Today, it is often inserted after the shoot using an app like Photoshop. We’re not talking about the full-size dolls you see in the mall here.

If you don’t want the mannequin in the picture then it’ll have to be removed in Photoshop. improvememory.org The three cards cards are used above to allow for color correction in Photoshop.

The best angle can be crafted into a frame only by a specialized photographer. Props holds the role in raising the sales and product’s brand on the market. However, professional photographers are masters of DIY and will happily use random parts from a local home decor store to build the perfect photoshoot setup. In addition to the discussed props, the following are some budget-friendly, creative, and DIY props for jewelry photography. The 3d bust is an important prop to use for jewelry photography because it gives the viewers an illusion as if the necklace is worn by someone. If you simply place the necklace on a stand, it looks good but if you make it wear on the bust, the product looks more appealing and enhancing.

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