Pitchers impress with their control and velocity, at all ages. Many get the opportunity to play for our top-ranked PFA travel teams. Others, with a lot of hard work, go on to realize their dreams to play college baseball or get drafted.

Suited to players of all ages & abilities, the FORTRESS Pitchers Pocket features 9x strike zone targets which provide instant feedback on pitching accuracy. The Pitcher’s Pocket is the perfect training aid to keep a player engaged during a practice session without having to use a catcher. Perfect for the elite pitchers just looking to fine-tune his accuracy within the strike zone!

The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro is over engineered and constructed with industrial grade materials. Commercial baseball and softball training facilities have had this product in their cages for years without issue. Any player can feel confident leaving the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro in the backyard without having to worry about durability. The Pitcher’s Pocket has a two year no questions asked warranty, and a five year limited warranty covering the frame. The Pitcher’s Pocket is over engineered and constructed with industrial grade materials.

The pitcher’s Pocket has proven to be an invaluable tool for pitching sessions. The Pitcher’s Pocket is perfect for youth pitchers that are just learning 6×18 soccer goal the ropes courtesy of its 45-inch high and 35-inch wide frame. Please contact us with any questions you have about products and lessons.

I would need legs with a heights of 50cm, and then the feet themselves would extend out the front and back for 50cm each. So the base was 100cm front to back and I planned on having to weight them down with something to make sure it was heavy enough to withstand pitching impact. I did some research around the sizing, materials I might use here locally, and settled on last weekend to kick off my Do-It-Yourself project to build a pitching pocket. I would be remiss if I didn’t share this online so that many of you others out there would be able to make your very own pitching pocket too.

Setting up this Pitcher’s Pocket is quick and straightforward. Fully extended; however, this Pitcher’s Pocket is 48″ high by 27″ in width. Its #60 Industrial Gauge net and its galvanized Steel frame give it the durability to withstand heavy, repeated use. Feels like your own personal catcher instructing you exactly where to throw the pitch, and showing where it ended up. The item will be delivered via a lift gate truck with one delivery person.

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