A paladin is not just a mere warrior who swings shiny swords and attacks his enemies, but a combination of holy warriors who use their weapons and embrace their magical powers in battles. Therefore, choosing epic paladin names should be an activity carried out with heed and fun. Female paladins are different from male paladins, who engage the enemies with weapons and arms.

Some of the more common names include Amyra, Avyanna, Enyo, Gavril, and Apollo. The paladin has several different types of abilities, but the most notable is its ability to dive into battle without leaving an opening for its opponent. There are also druids, whose power comes from the moon. The dragonborn is likely to be the most powerful breath weapon for a paladin, although a chromatic dragonborn would be better. However, most paladins can do just fine with middling Charisma.

The new palatinus king names were Merovingian dynasty who rule the kingdom for 270 years which was the highly official record among all the kingdom. Originally, the word paladin meant “one of the twelve best knights of Charlemagne”. However, it expanded to encompass any chivalrous person. Other useful weapon-related mechanics include the Armor of Invulnerability, a forged weapon made from the finest alloys. This makes the wearer resistant to all non-magical damage.

Below are some of the most common names for Paladins. I alrdy have a horde 80 paladin but I have since rerolled Alliance and am pretty fond of dwarfs, both my 85s are dwarfs . Although I will tank a bit with the paladin, I am hoping to focus more on Holy Paladin and even a name that might reflect a Holy Paly. Some argue that the best names tip their hat to the source of the abilities.

They answer the call of justice and heed its voice wherever they go. Adventuring comes naturally to Paladins, and their names often become well known. Names such as Garad Orcsbane, Maya Trueborn, Ian Holybrand, and Emma Highwater. Paladins answer the call at some stage of their life and those notions continue for the rest of their lives. Every adventure and job is a potential quest to do the right thing, to help someone, and to rid the world of the evil that plagues the innocent. Mages have the benefit of tons of skills, abilities, and specs that all incorporate very well into character names if you’re going the clever pun route.

Interestingly, Yen.com.gh shared some of those names that you can give to your boy or girl. The names are lovely; you will like them when you read the article. The Charlemagne paladins presumably lived in the 8th century, but the word itself is a lot older than that. Palatinus finds its origins in Latin, and refers to high level officials in the Roman imperial court. Dig through the names of the various knights of the round table for something you like, maybe? Seems appropriate for a paladin, and there are enough accepted variants that you should be able to find something that isn’t taken.

Use that one over Plagueknight or Scourgelord, please. I named my death knight Benihana after the greatest restaurant in the entire universe, Benihana. Some of these top 10 names are so generic that I want to puke. The people who named their death knight Getoverhere furniture store name ideas deserve all the bad PUGs in the world. It’s bad enough that the rest of us have to see your /say macros every time you Death Grip someone, but now your name is an ever-present reminder about that joke. I am summoning a steed from nightmare, indeed.

Usually, they used a one-handed sword to attack enemies. While paladins were a prominent figure in the medieval and Renaissance worlds, their popularity has increased in the past few decades. Their names have been adopted as characters in a number of modern battle royale games. I cannot fetch you all blood elf wow names to use in your story, but my little guide may help you naming ideas, characters, places, and concepts. Some paladins have the responsibility of enticing their enemies with jokes. They don’t carry swords and ammunitions; yet, they win their battles.

As holy knights, their goal was to defend and uphold the Christian values. Paladin names admittedly carry a bit of weight with them and sometimes can be difficult to find the right one. The real power doesn’t really come from the light, it comes from using our paladin names generator to make a badass surname or title.

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