So, you should only use the basic fishing rods until you get enough silver for your first artisan rod. Just like any other game, high tiers award your different in-game privileges and rewards. In BDO, the elite fishing level could reward you in various ways.

Suggestions for the mod I would like to see an auto-cast option or a more expensive rod with auto-cast that does not break added and some interaction when ya have a fish on the line. Also would like the font to be much smaller classic figure killed off in a super bowl ad and perhaps another color or option to adjust the font as it seems very overwhelming. Other wise I love it and it is a great start to something that could be pretty amazing I do hope you are still working on this thank you.

Great Ocean waters are normally Abundant and the distance bonus for trade is the best. However, the travel time and boat building time dissuades many from going here. Fishing is an activity that can be performed all over the game world.

I immediately got myself a fishing boat and never looked back. I fished in the ocean outside of Epheria for a full month, using my time on the Olvia servers for nothing but fishing, until I finally hit master 1. When I started this game, I was immediately drawn to fishing. I thought it was an extremely fun activity, and that’s what I spent all my time doing. This means you could potentially catch 4 relics with one cast. That said, “big fish chance up” and “rare fish chance up” have very different results in terms of profit.

The icon on the lower-right will shine when a fish bites your line. Impacted by fishing speed, so when AFK fishing, your fishing speed doesn’t make a huge impact. Generally you will be limited by your inventory size and the durability of the rod you are AFK fishing with. You’ll want the most inventory space and highest durability rod you can find. There are ways to speed up AFK fishing, via a specific named fishing rod (see 7.1 – Named rods). The fishing pole is in the Buhru Grotto early on in the story, right next to this fishing spot.

It will become available after choosing fish icon from the list of previously assigned tasks (no. 5 in the interface). A certain amount of time is devoted to crafting fishing rods of higher tier or gaining access to new fisheries. You will receive new fishing outfits, increase your luck and abilities to catch fish, and fishing rods that differ in terms of statistics. AFK fishing is quite possibly the best and easiest AFK life skill in the game.

If you hit the bar filled in blue , fishing ends in an automatic success. If you hit the bar that is not entirely filled in blue, the game displays a sequence of keys that you need to tap. IF you play the minigame properly, you catch the fish, if not- the fish breaks loose. If you hit the red bar, the fish breaks loose automatically. After you end the minigame, you get to see what you have caught.

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