It is relished by people of different cultures and cuisines which makes it timeless. Even top Colorado Springs fine dining restaurant serve it to delight food lovers. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, or a mixture of two or more will always be delicious.

Basically, Rice Kheer is an Indian rice pudding. The flavorings are typically Indian like cardamom powder and saffron. Some variations may have rose water or kewra water. Rice porridge/pudding has been an important dish in Sweden for centuries. The first record of rice porridge being served in Sweden was in 1328, at the funeral wake for the father of St. Bridget of Sweden. In the 1700s, rice porridge/pudding was considered to be fashionable and was served at all the finest parties.

Contrary to what you might think, using milk rather than cream makes for a creamier rice pudding. Actually, rice pudding was first invented, in Persia, modern day Iran, where it stood as an ancient dish called ‘sheer berenj’, directly translated as milk rice. It is a delicious dessert, often including rose water and pistachio, and if wanted, saffron, to result in a slightly different version. However, many early rice puddings did not resemble the sweet dessert we think of today. For example, early renditions of Indian kheer did not use rice at all, instead substituting sorghum, a type of cereal grain.

I agree it was probably first made in the East somewhere, but not because of the sugar ; honey was the standard equivalent in the West for centuries and could still be used today. It is actually surprising however that the late medieval recipe above does not use sugar; cooking in this period often used sugar even for main dishes. I started this website, El Meson Santa Fe, as a way to share my love of all things Spanish food-related. From traditional recipes to modern twists on classic dishes, I hope to inspire others to explore the amazing world of Spanish cuisine. I’m sure that in this modern day and age with dishes that look like works of art, we are all craving for something real and honest.

Romans used it as a stomach coolant and often used the rice pudding as a detox diet. The Persians, who introduced firni in India, were also said to be rather fond of this sweet dish. In fact, with sheer brinji, kheer, which till then remained a hot porridge dessert, began to be served cold. If you like rice pudding, you can eat it whenever you want.

As a hankering for the past, your childhood, and the safe and warm feeling that comes with it. We can add so many things to rice pudding, you can jazz it up with spices, add fruit and nuts, but it will always stay a rice pudding. Think of it as an old friend, even with a new coat and tie, it will always be that same old friend you’re happy to see. In Canada and the United States, most recipes come from European immigrants.

It also deepened my understanding of the appreciation and versatile, expert use of milk in Indian cuisine. With one ingredient, there are so many wonderful possibilities! Uncovering the history of kheer also deepened my understanding of Indian history and how significant a role food plays. The first mention of kheer, which historians say was derived from the Sanksrit word kshirika , is found in the fourteenth century Padmavat of Gugarat. Its origins are tied to temples and religious legends, demonstrating just how tied religion, history, and food are for India.

Remove the pan of tapioca pudding from the heat, fold in the beaten egg whites into the pudding. In China the delicacy was called “The Chinese eight jewel rice pudding” as it was made with eight different kinds of exotic fruits and honey. Some of the eight fruits used in the glutinous sugary delight beef shank in spanish are walnuts, almonds, winter melon, lychees, maraschino cherries, and jujubes. The classic sweet milky dessert when served chilled takes any gourmet on cloud nine. Be a family get-together or festive occasion or wedding ceremony, phirni has been a popular dessert since time immemorial.

By the time the rice gets cooked in the milk, the milk also reduces and thickens. Just like other Kheer varieties, Rice Kheer is also quite easy to make, by just slow-cooking the ingredients together in one pan or pot. The reason, I sometimes refer to this Kheer Recipe as the one-pot rice pudding.

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