Once in his life he should say “I was wrong”,”I’m sorry” but it will never happen cuz he thinks he is never wrong and is the center of the universe. The Packers quarterback tested positive for COVID-19 and was put on the Reserve/COVID-19 list, which led the team to sign Blake Bortles because Rodgers’ positive test also took down a backup and dragged him into protocols. The whole thing also put the NFL in a position to investigate whether Green Bay was properly enforcing the league’s health and safety protocols, since Rodgers was unvaccinated . But Rodgers felt some of the policies the league imposed were all part of a larger effort by the NFL to forego actual safety and simply shame unvaccinated players and boost the league’s vaccination numbers.

Whatever Rodgers’ protocol was seemed to be extremely effective as he looked completely healthy during the interview — and he currently has COVID-19. Aaron Rodgers has become un-cancelable and his message of “love and connection” will only further solidify his immunity to the establishment cult. The reason ARKs is not a game in itself is because the people who are supposed to be the next target are not the ones who have to be the first to do the killing. They have to be the ones who are supposed to do the killing, and that is a pretty hard point to get right.

You came across something in your algorithm manipulated feed, something that jives with your implicit bias and served your confirmation bias, and subconsciously applied your emotional filters and called it proof. Should probably weight loss and tattoos check into whether or not he really has an allergy. I’m suspicious he doesn’t really, but if he does that’s a valid reason. Isn’t it interesting how everyone of these selfish anti-vax whiners think of themselves as “victims”?

“Big thanks to everybody that reached out, checked on me the last couple days,” Rodgers said. The good thing about ARKs is that they are so much smarter than most of the other time-looping stealth stuff, and they can actually make a big difference in the outcome of the game. In fact, I think that the result you get from the first time-looping stealth em up has been more than one-third the number of characters that have been killed by the game. After that interview, we got our first look at ARK’s new time-looping stealth ’em up, and we really started thinking about why that was so interesting. On Sunday, the Packers’ season came to an abrupt end.

After Rodgers lied to the media about his vaccine status, Fox News and other conservative outlets seemed to appreciate his dishonesty and treated the quarterback as a hero. Apparently, Rodgers didn’t appreciate the new fanfare. He didn’t help his cause by casting doubt over the 2020 election during an interview earlier this year, but Rodgers is now attempting to disavow that conservative media support. “Politics is a sham, first of all,” Rodgers continued. “And I wouldn’t do CNN just like I wouldn’t do Fox News. Naturally my opinion became very polarizing, because feel strongly on both sides about it.

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