Find Candy Land letter printouts on the Internet and create a “Candy Land” banner to hang above your party entrance. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also cut and color your own letters using cardboard paper. Color each letter like a peppermint stick using pink and white colors. Use fishing wire, or another type of thin, strong rope or string, to create and secure the arch in the top of the candy canes. Wrap thick white ribbon around the entire noodle.

Other eatables like cupcakes, birthday cakes, and drinks should all be sweet and colorful candies. In short, you are to create a candy land for the birthday kid and his friends with a visual feast to delight the eyes and taste buds. Begin by decorating the entranceway to your Candy Land party.

Lip-gloss, lotions, and bath bombs are among a few ideas. You can also hand out nail polish that is candy-colored or named after sweets. Both the gumball and marshmallow Candyland decorations are done simply with a glue gun. We used a twisted piece of floral wire as a hanger.

This would look great at the entrance to your party! From ‘Raz Christmas‘, these are the most over the top, perfect Candyland Christmas decorations we’ve seen! Take note, they didn’t stop decorating at the tree. These lollipops from Wayfair come in multiple sixes, including one that’s 24″ tall!

Also add a few giant lollipops to place around the bottom of each candy cane. Purchase an assortment of brightly colored paper plates, such as orange paper plates, purple, pink, red, green or yellow. If you’re looking to add a theme to your child’s birthday party, try using a Candy Land theme! Even if your child isn’t familiar with Candy Land, they’ll love the bright colors and sweet treats. Transform your home, or party area, into Candy Land while the kids try to make their way to the Candy Castle as a fun party game.

On the card, provide all of the party details and hand-deliver them. If you dont want to deliver sweets, draw a large lollipop and attach a pipe cleaner for a stem. Pin the lollipop is a fun twist on the classic party game “pin the tail on the donkey.” You can use craft supplies to decorate bright colored paper circles.

Healthy foods such as fruit platters, sandwich pinwheels, veggies & dip can be served for kids to munch on and keep them energized. Decorate the envelope by sprinkling glitter or stickers for an extra special touch. This invitation set is gender neutral lit instagram names and comes with matching envelopes. You can personally write your invitation and send them off. Serve up your favorite dish and desserts in these beautiful and colorful serving trays. You can also choose simple clear trays to match any theme.

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