Got a great price on an open box item. Very impressed with it’s superior quality and strength. Reminds me of what bumpers were capable of doing many years ago; protecting occupants and the vehicle itself. Muscle cars are more than a mode of transportation from point A to point B.

With regards to the product range, specializes in the “Toys, Hobby & DIY” category, particularly in the area of “DIY, Garden & Pets”. With a growing collection of installation guides, product reviews, and parts videos, you can learn everything you need to know before you make a purchase or work on your build. Yes, go a web search for the product you want. There are many other websites that want your business and have great customer service. Working at Turn5 has given me the opportunity to grow and learn in my position daily.

I opened a claim with UPS, which they denied liability because of how poorly the shipper shipped the item. So now I get to figure out how to fix this. Good luck to anyone that orders from them. I wouldn’t trust them buying anything New. features a variety of products to customize vehicles from the factory standard. Brake kits, exhausts, lift kits, lights, wheels, tires, suspensions and more are all available on the website.

Explained the product and installation very well. Ordering this bumper was quick and easy. I previously purchased a Barricade rear bumper for my F150.

In his free time, Willis enjoys outdoor activities, such as riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers. He also enjoys fishing, watching football and spending time with friends. He has always wanted an ATV and asked Make-A-Wish for one. The steady trend of labor shortages shows no end in the near future. Shrinking labor pools, high rates of turn-over, and under skilled labor continue to be issues for the entire industry.

I cancelled my order and went with a company who respects and appreciates their customers. Yes- open box deals are a bit sketchy. The more its discounted reviews the more risk it is. Most of the time however they will tell you the issues in the description ie “missing hardware, scratch, dent, etc….”

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