You’ll receive UNSC Audio Log automatically later in the mission shortly after you activate the second grav lift and then survive the lockdown. Right in the middle of the Redoubt of Sundering, there’s an open building with some guns and ammo crates inside. The Banished Audio Log Outpost Intel 07 is against a corner inside. From Spartan Core 4, turn and climb up the mountain on the other side of the road .

Stand facing the grav lift, and look to the right. There’s an open container there with some guns and ammo inside. Cut through there and into the container to its left to find this Spartan Core.

On the east side of the Forge of Teash, you’ll see a Spartan Core icon. This Spartan Core is on the second floor of the hangar there. On the west end of the Excavation Site control room, the UNSC Audio Log The Prisoner 03 is on the floor near a few UNSC weapons. Check out the trailer for Renfield, the upcoming vampire movie starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage.

You’ll find the UNSC Audio Log Outpost Intel 14 on a peak overlooking that gate. Directly across of that Banished Audio Log Outpost Intel 13, there’s another large building with the generator controls where is sarah forgany inside. At the back of the building, right at the entrance to the tunnel, you’ll find the Banished Audio Log Outpost Intel 14. Return to the hardlight bridge and continue with the mission.

These can be found in the Database section in-game. Note that the Database section refers to them as forerunner Archives, and the achievement description calls them Artifacts. A total of seven of them can be found on the map, all of them in the Open world / On the surface of the ring. As with all collectibles on this game, you’ll unlock an achievement for collecting one- and all- of the Forerunner archives respectively. The Tower collectibles include 1 Mjolnir Armor Locker, 1 Banished Audio Log, 2 Spartan Cores, 1 Skull, and 1 UNSC Audio Log. Below, we’ll go through them in the order you’ll encounter them while playing the main story mission “The Tower.” We start on the ground and move up, floor-by-floor.

You have to capture some of the FOBs in order to spawn the HVTs required for another two achievements. Wars with FriendsBrought some rescued UNSC Marines along for the ride into a main mission. After you head outside the ship, take the elevator up, and head through a few more hallways, you’ll come to a hallway filled with five or so Jackyls. The Boom Skull is in the next room, which you can see in the following screenshot. Play through the mission until you ride your first elevator up (it’ll take a few minutes to get there). At the top of the elevator, the Spartan Audio Log Evacuation 01 is directly ahead of you leaning against a crate.

The middle avenue is longer than all the others and on the left, has the Log you’re looking for. Northern edge of Riven Gate, you’ll find a small scouting post. Located near the westernmost gate, you can grapple up to the ledge from near a gravity launcher and a small tunnel in the cliff. Just over the cliff, west of FOB-Juliet, under the mountain. This can be found through a little door in a hollowed part of the mountain.

The go-to source for comic and superhero movies A one-stop shop for all things video games. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. You can actually leave the Scorpion behind and clear out the path on foot or with other vehicles. There are other vehicles near the Scorpion that you can use to clear out the path.

This time, though, players should turn right and climb the tiny hill that leads to the Redoubt of Sundering’s fortifications. The UNSC Audio Log sits near some UNSC equipment on the peak of this hill, and Halo Infinite’s Grappleshot makes acquiring it a breeze. Once you’ve crossed the northern bridge between Island 1 – Recovery and Island 2 – Excavation, you’ll reach the Redoubt of Sundering. The closest landmark is FOB Echo, which is east of the facility.

Climb up to the mountain high above the Forge of Teash to the north. Look for a small (you’ll have to crouch) tunnel that’s lit up yellow. It begins after clearing The Tower and heading back to the island in the north for Excavations, and ends with the Spire mission. For a complete list of every item in this area and their specific locations, visit Island 1 – Lockdown Collectibles. It comprises everything from leaving Outpost Tremonius and landing on the southern island, claiming FOB Golf to clearing out The Tower and leaving the island to head north. None of the collectibles in this section are missable.

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