Brees had surpassed Anthony Calvillo for the record in the previous season, while Calvillo had surpassed Damon Allen for the record in the 2011 CFL season. Allen broke the previous record held by Warren Moon in 2006. Moon had held the record since 1992 when he surpassed the record set by Ron Lancaster, who had surpassed Johnny Unitas during the 1975 CFL season.

Even the dogs got into the phone and would chase the ball once it was launched. David finished and Charlie buy hittrax put the Football on the stand. Both Charlie and David were surprised at how high the ball soared.

The Robotic Quarterback can actually throw the mini foam football up to 25 yards! There are nine different programs the All Pro Passer can be set to perform. All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback and Laser X Revolution Laser Tag products were sent for our honest review. All opinions expressed are our own and based on personal experiences. It will have you put in your address & will say shipping but will not be shipped. At the end of checkout there is a box for “Comments” Please put your phone number in case we need to contact you and what day & time will work for pickup.

The football is included but it does require 4 “C’ batteries that do not come with this toy. In the 2020 NFL season, Brady surpassed Brees for the all-time passing touchdowns record; Brees had surpassed Peyton Manning for the record the season before. Manning had held the record since the 2014 NFL season when he surpassed Brett Favre’s record.

Parents told us that they had never seen anything like this toy before. Still, they appreciated its uniqueness and how it promotes a love of football, being active, and playing outdoors. This is a list of gridiron football quarterbacks passing statistics for quarterbacks that have played outdoor professional football in North America. Below is a listing of the combined professional football league leaders for passing yards, passing touchdowns, passing completions, and passing attempts. During the 2021 NFL season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady passed Drew Brees to become the all-time passing yards leader in professional football league history.

Ron Lancaster overtook Tarkenton’s lead in the touchdown pass category during the 1977 CFL season. However, Tarkenton retook the lead during the 1978 NFL season. Unitas established the record set forth in this listing. All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback lets you practice catching a football even if you are by yourself. You’ll have to set it up each time for the pass, then push HIKE.

Charlie practiced and practiced catching for hours on end. You don’t even need to know how to play football to have fun with it. For even more laser tag fun, throw a Laser X Revolution Equalizer Disc into the mix!

Check out my other blog posts for more holiday gift ideas for tween boys and sports gifts for boys and girls. So, there’s no extra sensors needed to be worn by players. It is non-refundable and has no bearing on the result of the testing. Additionally, we require three samples of the product or access codes for online submissions. Once the hike button is pressed you will hear audibles coming from the QB and the ball will start to move around. You will then run your route and watch the ball shoot from the robotic QB to the area of the route selected.

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