You can only buy alcohol from liquor stores called “Vin budin”. I went this summer (I’m 18) and was never asked for my ID at any point. So I am finally traveling to Iceland with my best friend this winter, and I am very excited. However, he turns 20 about a month before our trip and I don’t turn 20 until a month after our trip. So my question is, how lenient are most Icelandic bars on their drinking restrictions?

She is the only female depicted on the Icelandic krona banknote. When you first get to Iceland and see everything priced in the thousands, don’t be alarmed. Depending on the exchange rate, 1,000 ISK is worth approximately 7 USD or 6 EUR, so it’s not that bad when you put things into perspective.

It is less herbal than Birkir, and while the sweetness masks some of the birch quality, it mixes wonderfully with soda water for a less intimidating foray into the “forest floor” realm of spirits. Birkir, the stronger of the two at 35% ABV, has a boozy and earthy aroma. It is bitter and herbal like Italian amaro, and also retains drinkability and mixes well with soda water or tonic for an easygoing cocktail. Founded in 2003, Bruggsmiðjan produces an excellent dark lager, Kaldi Dark.

Kids who were ‘active confronters’ were after a rush – they got it by stealing cars or through stimulant drugs. It is a sedative, but it sedates the brain’s control first, which can remove inhibitions, and in limited doses, reduce anxiety. Introducing your child to alcohol in the home is not recommended as a strategy to lessen the chances that your child will have problems with alcohol. Local restaurants often serve local delicacies, not found anywhere else. Travelers can count on using English everywhere they need service. In fact, it is even more likely that the staff will speak English than Icelandic in most places.

It wasn’t uncommon to see young teenagers drinking in taverns. During summer travellers can enjoy the mild climate and the bright summer nights, whereas in winter they benefit from having fewer tourists around and the chance to see the northern lights. While participation in similar programmes has occurred in Europe, it is at a municipal level rather than led by national government. The ‘child curfew’ is a stumbling block that many countries outside of Iceland find a step too far.

Often taken as a shot on special occasions, this is actually also a drink Icelanders take on Þorrablót, a wintertime festival. It’s also the well known companion drink to the infamous Icelandic fermented shark dish, hákarl – but you can skip the shark, of course. The bottle is pretty iconic with beautifully crisp black and white label design, and tough to miss puerto rico topless beach in liquor stores or duty free shops, so grab a small bottle to try while you’re here. However, in many other Asian nations, alcohol laws are either non-existent or very relaxed. Cambodia, Macau, and Vietnam don’t have a minimum age for purchasing or drinking alcohol. Germany is one of the most interesting nations when it comes to the minimum drinking age.

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