Whether you’re seeking for a new phone or a replacement, Apple iPhone XS Max should be at the top of your list. Instead of simply applying the same blur over the whole area, like you’d see in some other phones, the iPhone XS Max’s blur is affected by what’s in the photo. When shooting at 30 frames per second, the new iPhone delivers noticeably better dynamic range than the iPhone X, and this has also resulted in reducing the cyan-shift artifact . As in still imaging, some color flares are occasionally visible in video clips.

Let’s recap the main iPhone camera features of each new model, so you can make the right decision based on your photography needs. The new faster image sensor allows you to shoot better quality videos on the iPhone XS and XR models. You can capture amazing color and detail, even in low light. This new feature works by taking many photos at different exposures. The camera’s software analyzes the images and creates a seamlessly blended HDR photo. Portrait mode is now available on all three 2018 iPhones – including the single lens iPhone XR.

Apple iPhone Xs Max comes with an exquisite design with a notch on top. The screen is worthy of all the praise and is appropriate for watching videos and other tasks. The camera performance is excellent and the same goes for the software and hardware performance on the phone. One of the major pros comes in the form of 5-year software update promise from Apple, which means that even after five years this phone will be in sync with the latest iOS version. The scene below was captured at a mid-range zoom factor and confirms the results from above.

The dual rear cameras remain at 12 megapixels, and they’re still f/1.8 for the wide-angle and f/2.4 for the telephoto. However, these pixels are much larger and deeper, allowing more light into the sensor. The wide angle lens is perfect for shooting landscapes and other wide open scenes. The telephoto lens lets you take high quality zoomed in photos.

The Apple iPhone XS Max makes use of an 12 MP + 12 MP back or rear camera with LED flash and an 7 MP front camera with LED flash light. However, it doesn’t pandjtrading have Smart HDR. It doesn’t have advanced Portrait mode with Depth Control. In both of these ways, the iPhone X just can’t compare to the iPhone XS.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Apple iPhone XS Max comparison by specification, camera, battery, price. Go to the website of the mobile application of Cashify and log in. You can enter your local price of these phones and click on the “Calculate” button to see which one has a better value for money. It’s larger than the iPhone XS, but smaller than the XS Max.

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