It can store up to 576 hours of voice recordings on its 16GB memory. 【Voice Activated & Easy to Use】- The smart voice recorder allow you quickly start and save voice activated recording or normal recording with just one button. There are no complicated steps, easy to use, you can record important content immediately!

Use the USB cable provided in the box to connect the recorder to your computer. If you need to connect the recorder to an Android phone with USB-C, please use an OTG connector. You will then have access to the folder RECORD where all your audio files are saved. If the disk space is full, the green indicator will flash fast for 10 seconds before the device turns off automatically. To resume recording, please make sure you free up some space on the recorder’s drive.

Click “Open Folder to View Files” when the connection prompt appears on the screen. A window will open that contains the audio files stored on the device. If the device does not charge, please try to use an alternate USB cable to connect a power source. Sometimes, even if the USB cable is working, the computer might enter standby and prevent power flow to the recorder.

The computer may not recognize the IC recorder if it is connected to a front USB port on the computer. To resolve this issue, connect the IC recorder to a USB port on the rear of the computer. 📨TECHNICAL SUPPORT – We respond to all queries in less than 12 hours! Enjoy the tha pyay nyo website detailed Quick Start Guide with diagrams that is included in the package or ask us anything! We offer FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT via Email or Live Chat just for you to be sure that you make a wise investment in our best quality device and you don’t just spend some money on it.

These sound waves automatically alert the recorder to start recording. Voice-activated recorders differ in how long they will record and how long the battery will last. Therefore, you’ll want to think about what kind of battery life your device will need.

We recommend deleting any old/unnecessary files or move them to another folder in your computer. Please push the “Turn On/Off” button to “ON” position, the indicator light will shift from red to white for 5 seconds. You can be sure that the device is in ON mode if you check that the power ON OFF button is in UP position and it covers the grey circle marked on the device.

You can have a continuing recording mode or activate it with your voice once you preset it. The device has a great quality of sound and you can listen to your audio files on your smartphone. You can use it at the same time to charge your smartphone and record quality audio files. You can share your audio files on your smartphone and select two recording modes.

This audio recorder is one of the best listening devices and audio recorders we offer, ideal for those covert surveillance missions where you need 100+ hours of recording time. Atto Digital certainly shows that innovation does not stop as long as there are brilliant minds that never give up. The TileRec will ship in a stylish box which also makes it a great gift for your loved ones.

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