📈 Byredo’s recent move into skin care could turn into even more growth for the brand. I apparently live on the edge because I bought Velvet Haze without even smelling it a few months ago (the brand had me with the “coconut water” description). I prefer it for the evening, as it’s a bit musky, but it’s also a great anytime scent duringfall and winter.

Reminiscent of pencil shavings and wooden desks, it evokes a sense of nostalgia for school days and simpler times. This is a really easy fragrance to wear and one I often reach for when I just want something light, woody, unisex and fresh. Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the famous Mojave Desert. It’s light and intriguing and lingers on the skin in a subtle and beautiful way.

Taking a page from the streetwear playbook, niche perfume houses offer collaborations as an attractive alternative to the standard licensing deal. The brand has benefitted from consumer interest and surging sales in high-end fragrance. The brand encapsulates the “love is love”them through the art of a genderless scent. They do other mini sets like this so do have a look out for these sampler sets. This is one that on paper would probably be geared towards men but I find it really interesting and one I love to wear when the occasion fits. Black Saffron is an Amber Spicy fragrance with top notes of Saffron, Juniper Berries and Chinese Grapefruit; middle notes are Leather and Black Violet; base notes are Raspberry, Cashmeran and Vetiver.

“It’s also less definitive in terms than saying, ‘this is the smell of the city.’ This is a facet of the city. 🌍 Byredo leveraged the global demand for fragrances and thrived despite economic challenges. Oud Immortel is a beautiful scent, and I was excited to get to try it, but for me, it was just a bit masculine.

He shortened the name, registered the website – and was in business. Sunil’s specialisms include Fashion, Beauty and Grooming, Lifestyle, and Culture. A move into skin care is a natural next step for any beauty brand looking to grow its market share. McKinsey estimates skin care will account for 34 percent of the global beauty market by 2024, up from 29 percent in 2020.

That didn’t exist in the fragrance industry; it was very much copies of copies. Most of the products that had been in the market and did well were the result of numerous focus groups. Everybody was trying to find a smell that scored high in a general sense, partly because that was the model for so many years. For us, just making products of a high quality that told specific stories, and that smelled unique, that’s what people wanted.

What is your favorite thing about being at the helm of Byredo? It’s a great outlet for me, on a personal level, to talk about things that inspire me to tell my personal stories. It’s become an outlet for my perspective, even though it’s become much more than that. I have an incredible creative team, I have an incredible organization, but I’m still able to create the vision and the direction. Creatively, it’s that’s part of the business that I enjoy the most.

But it’s quite delicate and tactile as a composition. That’s something you experience once you wear it throughout the day, and Ilir, being a very close friend, embodied that with this larger than life stature, but this extremely sensitive and kind person. And Elizabeth, who appears to be a bodybuilder, she’s actually a professional dancer, so there’s a body control and a movement that isn’t completely evident in that picture. It was playing with the duality and the idea that things aren’t always what they seem. We’ve come to the end, friends, and my number one paycheck-worthy pic is Gypsy Water.

But I think that’s what people have come to expect from us as a brand. Kacper KasprzykWhy did you choose Ilir Latifi and Rebecka Eklund to be the faces of the Blanche campaign? Well, one of them is a very dear friend of mine who just won a UFC match in Vegas. The idea for casting Elizabeth and Ilir was that the fragrance in itself comes across as quite a powerful kind of big idea.

A perfume decant is a small-sized bottle in which the perfumes are poured from the official perfume full-sized bottle to these decant bottles. It is not from the company nor a factory-sealed bottle. Usually decant bottles come in 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml and 30ml. E has shops on the coolest curly hair denman brush results streets of New York, Paris, London and Seoul, with two Beijing flagships having opened last year. He’s good mates with Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh, Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci and Kanye West, and has Naomi Campbell and Edward Enninful RSVPing to his launch parties around the world.

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