Considering humidity, temperatures feel hot all year with a chance of rain throughout most of the year. The area is far less temperate than some — in the 6th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Barbados, the hottest months are September, August, and then October.

This is when you’ll find some of the best deals on resorts, flights, and food. December marks the beginning of the peak tourists season when travelers head down to the island for the holidays. Visitors should look into coordinating their schedules to participate in some of the local traditions on the island. For example, Dec. 31st is a massive party in Barbados known as Old Year’s Night.

But they should consider last-minute vacations with a safe 10-day weather forecast. Average rainfall and temperatures offer the best guides to choose when to go and when not to go. July in Barbados is similar to June but with a more noticeable rise in rainfall – the monthly average is around 169mm.

The Caribbean region is prone to hurricanes, with the season lasting from the start of June to the end of November. Don’t forget that even though June is the rainiest month, September and October are when the hurricane risk is the highest. Hurricanes come with violent winds and can be much more destructive than the June downpours. You can spend your time in the Caribbean on multiple islands if you want and can expect to find relatively similar weather across the entire area.

May to August are also good months to visit since temperatures are moderate, and everything runs at a significantly discounted rate. The only problem with visiting in these months is that this is Barbados’ hurricane season. September to November are great times to head to Barbados as they fall within shoulder season. October, in particular, is a fantastic month to visit as this is when you’ll find some of the best deals at resorts and on flights. Barbados is known for its year-round sunshine, and the temperature in Barbados remains relatively stable for all four seasons.

Regarding favorable weather conditions, January through to mid-April is the best time to travel to Barbados. Although it’s a few degrees cooler than other times of the year, there are still around 9 hours of sunshine daily. So with all this information in hand, the best time to visit Barbados is probably the month of May. Average maximum daytime temps are still up in the high 20’s with 29 easily possible. The inflated prices have fallen and are back to normal and although the weather may not be quite as good as the months before they indeed are not far off. You will find plenty of sunshine without the worst of the humidity and should find that rain is a distant memory for the duration of your trip.

But some of the best months are cooler than average, while the worst months are warmer. January and February are good for land activities but a bit chilly at times in the water. October sees the highest amount of rainfall out of any month in Barbados and humidity similar to September.

March is the last month of ideal Barbados climate, before the humidity starts to increase. Temperatures begin to creep up to a maximum daily average of 29-30°C, and you can expect a yearly high of up to 9 hours of sunshine. You’ll have up to 9 hours of sunshine legal drinking age in iceland per day and a maximum daily average of 29°C – pleasant temperatures without being too hot. It gets slightly cooler in the evenings but temperatures still hover around 22-23°C. Visitors can expect some showers, but usually not enough to derail vacation plans.

November is the most humid month of the year, with 83 percent humidity, so travelers should pack breathable, lightweight clothing. November represents the last month of the year for travel deals, before the influx of tourists in December. It is also the time when many cultural events are held on the island, including the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. The National Independence Festival was first established in November of 1973 and is an enticing draw for visitors contemplating visiting the island during late fall.

There are times when all of these are possible in the Caribbean, you only need to know when. Knowing a bit about the climate and tourism cycles can go a long way to making the most of your vacation. Rainy season in Barbados is from June to November, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom, gloom and grey clouds. Holidaymakers should book your tickets well in advance to get a better deal on a flight. February is also a great month for cultural celebrations including the Holetown Festival, a week-long event showcased by street parades, folk singing and dancing. THE CARIBBEAN is typically top of the list for Brits trying to catch some winter sun.

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