A video summarizing the story from each region and then one that overall summarize the full story would be greatly appreciated. It is VERY likely you’ll hit 61 far before you even start Valencia’s questions. I’ve put in nearly two hours so far into the new quests and tutorial, and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit.

The locations are in order of convenience, which is the order you would probably travel if you were going sailing for the repeatable hunting quests. With the latest CalpheON festival, the upcoming Drakania class for Black Desert Online’s upcoming Eternal Winter expansion was announced. Pearl Abyss also announced some details on additional updates to look forward to with the new content at the recent event. Only thing that I’d wish PA would do is create some sort of actual tutorial/introduction to lifeskills and incorporate that into the main questline. For instance, there’s a moment in the new questline where we straight up mine a rock, but we don’t do it with an actual pickaxe. I feel like it was a bit of a wasted opportunity to show new players how to equip life tools and such.

Crio is the otter fish seller on the docks in the north of Velia. Inside the inn in the middle of Velia, easiest way to reach him is to find the stables in Velia and take the road to the south west. As you might expect, there were some obvious winners, but also a few surprises from this year’s New York Game Awards. What happens to a civilization when they find out they are not alone in the universe?

While there are adventurers who have reached the Guru level in certain Life Skills, there are also certain Life Skills where adventurers are remaining at a relatively lower level. It can be a bit confusing to know exactly where you should go. So follow the quest order listed here step by step. If you do encounter an NPC that doesn’t have the quest listed, try talking to the NPC with and without a rented Matchlock. If they still dont have the quest, then skip to the next in the list to see if you can bypass it.

After getting the required cooking utensil, you can place it in your residence and start cooking with the available ingredients. If you have any other problems or queries related to Black Desert Online , do let us know in the comment section. After investing in your residence, you need to buy or make a cooking utensil for cooking inside it. In Black Desert Online, different cooking utensils provide different types of bonuses depending on their worth. The Basic Cooking Utensil is the best, and the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil is the easiest to obtain because both can be purchased from a Tavern vendor. These are the cooking utensils available in Black Desert Online.

Outside the northwest entrance of the Western Guard Camp. Near the north west entrance of the Western Guard Camp. On the Marino farm to the south west of the Bartali farm. She is in the Balenos Forest, if you don’t know where this is, it’s to the south of Velia. From the stables follow the road to the south and you will pass it. Outside Loggia farm, which is to the west of Velia.

Black Desert Online has brought a major renewal update to the main questlines in Balenos. Balenos is a warm hometown of adventurers, one of the first regions adventurers will encounter in-game, well known for ms2 fishing having abundant resources such as wood and farming goods. The renewed main questline now offers fully dubbed cutscenes and refreshed NPC appearances, which will elevate the gameplay’s immersive experience.

All take place around Balenos Islands, so you will need a boat. Start from Velia and sail to the first island NW, called Luivano Island. To save travel time, do the hunting quests in the order they are numbered. Along with this update,Black Desert Onlineintroduced the Elvia Calpheon Realm, where players will be able to face transformed grinding zones with brand new mechanics in the hunting grounds of the Calpheon region. Encroached by the game’s God of Despair, Hadum, the monsters in Elvia realm are significantly more challenging to defeat. Other changes that are coming in the expansion and later, include an update to Balenos, one of the game’s oldest regions.

Kina travels around in a circle around the Toscani farm and the Marino farm. You cannot interact with her and she won’t have a vendor name tag above her when she is walking so you will need to pay extra attention when running around to find her. She will stop every so often and appear as a vendor.

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