These styles are just amazing because they are really out there. If you like to make a splash with bright colors you really can’t go wrong with blue and purple hairstyles. A regular dusting off of frayed ends every six weeks can keep your mane looking healthy. what hair to use for butterfly locs Also, master curling your ends—it’s a gorgeous look on fairy-hued hair. Here is a baby blue color that is a lot of fun and while bright, is not very loud. This is a really pretty blue that is lighter in color but still brings a lot of color to the table.

Pair a cerulean color with a bouncy, natural bob. For this style, ask the stylist to apply the color so that some of your natural shade still peeks out at the roots. The hair here looks as soft and luscious as it feels. Keep your top half natural and ends royal blue for a sophisticated, subtle take on the trend.

Sapphire and golden blonde complement each other perfectly here—especially with a “reverse ombré” situation featuring saturated blue roots. The best way to highlight your highlights is with a great ‘do. Try pairing royal blue balayage with luscious curls and effortless, side-swept bangs. And keep the dye relegated only to the ends (from the mid-lengths, down) for a more subtle look, as seen here. A flouncy bob with blended streaks that alternate between green and blue? Worried about styling aqua-hued hair for swankier events?

It is a really fun and unique look that will require a lot of hair dye and a lot of time. This is a really nice looking shade of blue that has a different, almost greenish shade that goes along with it. It appears as if It is a greenish hue that is mixed with baby blue color that makes up most of this style.

So suggest a medium shade of purple since the roots in the second picture seem to be that color. Because, spoiler, blue fades into greenish-gray, and it fades fast. Dyeing your hair purple doesn’t mean it needs to lack dimension. Ask your colorist to add highlights to your ‘do, similar to this one — plum with royal purple streaks.

These colors will make you feel like a unicorn or a mermaid; they are original and beautiful. You can get highlights, or ombre or even a solid color, the sky is the limit for what you can do with these colors. Here is another blonde hairstyle that has some blue thrown in. This starts off as a platinum blue which then fades into a pastel blue that then fades into an electric blue.

This hair color looks beautiful when swept up into more intricate styles but makes a statement even when you simply air-dry your hair. This is a great purple hair color for brunettes or for those who are hesitant to dye all of your hair. You can try balayage with violet, orchid, periwinkle, or any shade of purple you desire. When in doubt, pastels are flattering for all skin colors and hair textures.

The combo of these shades upgrades a style while staying true to colors that are fun to flaunt. This pastel blue and lavender are for women who have very light blonde hair and don’t mind a high-maintenance color and refresh often. Edgy bluish-purple hair is a masterpiece, to say the least.

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