This dreamy look will make anyone a fan of blue ombre hair. The transition from the cobalt blue roots to turquoise ends is very smooth because of the way the shades melt into each other seamlessly. An icy blue dye job is a perfect way to enhance a haircut. This bold blue color works fantastically with the straight, angled bob. The hint of dark roots adds a little more edge to the style. For this slate blue-black shade, tell your colorist that you want gray undertones in your blue to keep it from feeling too bright and summery.

Long, straight hair can have more “block coloring” options, while she would recommend more of a “highlight” or “balayage” look for a client with short curly hair. There’s no need to tell you how many variations of blue-black hair there are, as you can always create your own picture of this combo. However, there’s a way to get a balanced color that will reflect the beauty of the two without spending much time on choosing the best idea. In this case, all-over coloring involves painting a black base with a blue tint, blending them until they form a harmonic whole. As a result, your hair will have a natural black shade with a subtle cool undertone. How about you add some lighter accent to your dark blue look?

Head to the pros for this one, and have your colorist expertly paint blue highlights throughout your mane. Since silver is a delicate balance of colors, if the balance is thrown off at all it will give you unexpected results. These could include hair turning blue, green, or a grey-ish brown.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who easily forgets to do things, and you don’t have consistency or patience, it’s better if you use permanent dye. That way, you won’t have to renew it so frequently. The uniformity of this color adds to its beauty. As another example of the dual-toned trend, we found this ultra-glam combo of blonde and brown.

Unlike navy blue dark blue hair male, black and blue is the legendary combination for the lovers of dark blue hair color male. There are a lot of dark blue hair color ideas available thanks to the mix of these two shades. For instance, you can have the black and blue blended together, which makes the blue tone of this dark blue hair color ideas look darker. Unlike navy blue dark blue hair male, balayage is the process in which you apply two or more shades on your hair strands. However, the differences between the colors of this dark blue hair color ideas are not visible as other styles such as ombre dark blue hair color male. Go for the appropriate shampoo and conditioner to lengthen the durability of this dark blue hair color ideas.

To confirm the fact that purple and steel blue are the perfect pair, take a look at this beauty. We also want to point out the way the hair was colored, in larger chunks rather than half and half. Why settle for two colors when you can have three in your ombre? No matter what your base color is, you can pair it with two different shades of blue that melt magnificently into the other. These box braids, for instance, look absolutely stunning with a royal blue to light blue gradient from a black base.

If there’s any pic that’ll convince you to make the switch to blue-black hair, it’s this one. Also, if you’re going for a shadow-roots finish, I highly recommend mastering some half-up hairstyles ahead of time to let those dark roots shine. A blue hair color roundup wouldn’t be complete without Billie Eilish, who had a major moment with the shade blue hair with brown roots back in 2018. We love how dark blue hair is its own accessory, taking the easiest of looks to the next level. As the name suggests, smokey black-blue shade focuses on the dark tones. To make the black portion prevail, ask your stylist to blend a saturated shade of blue into your dark base so that the dye comes out as a transparent layer.

Since blue hair color is one of the most multi-faceted bright colors, you can always experiment with the bluish part of your black blue hair. It’s a super trendy idea for girls who want to be different these days while keeping up with the latest in fashion. At the same time, those with darker bases may go for it as highlights or lowlights to accentuate or deepen their colors through a lighter, brighter shade. Teal color may vary between super light and bright blue to medium-dark blue, so the ways to make it a part of your look are endless.

Your hair may do best with our curl cream, leave-in conditioner, or hair oil. Once we learn more about your hair, we can provide specific recommendations to support your hair. Stay on the safer side, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money in the long run. Try on over 1,000 hairstyles with out FREE hairstyle try-on app.

Now this is a blue ombre hair idea that will make heads turn. As opposed to most options with blue and similar colors, this photo shows that a striking contrast can go far. For a mysterious and romantic approach to blue ombre hair, think about going for darker tones.

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