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Don’t be the next Dorian Yates, just be the strongest version of yourself. Your genetics, whichever way they square up, will allow for a broad spectrum of possibilities. This isn’t to undermine Yates or his achievements. I wouldn’t be able to do that, nor would I want to.

They worked hard, gritted their teeth through the struggle, and succeeded to such a tremendous extent that they became famous for their physiques. But for some people, not adding muscle mass with training might be considered good genetics. For example, athletes in weight-class sports such as boxing or relative strength sports such as long jump need to build a large amount of strength without adding much extra weight.

The building volume is the primary driver that builds muscle mass; more training means better results. The best training frequency for a muscle group is twice a week for most people as studies have shown that this provides the optimal amount of volume while allowing rest. And your mom and dad’s genetics were determined by their mom and dad.

However, it is just as critical to ensuring adequate rest between the increased frequencies as the muscles will need to recover. Lee Haney—Lee Haney is among the most successful bodybuilders of all time. He had bad chest genetics, evidenced by a lack of muscle thickness in his lower pecs. However, he became one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Chris Dickerson—Chris Dickerson has a good lower body, but his upper body is lacking, although his back was impressive.

Individuals with bad chest genetics would therefore be more vulnerable to tight muscles and should ensure that they adequately stretch their muscles before and especially after a chest workout. Including foam rolling and deep tissue massages will go a long way to loosening these muscles to allow them to work in an optimum ROM. There are two kinds of muscle fibers—slow and fast twitch muscles that are found keysi fighting method near me in the human skeletal tissue. Type 2 fibers are larger, contract at a faster rate, easily fatigued, and produce a greater force, whereas type 1 is smaller in size, don’t fatigue easily, and produces a smaller force. These muscles are further subdivided, but for this analysis, type 2 will be further divided into A and B—A being smaller in size, fatigued less, and producing a smaller force than B.

Four to five sessions per week lasting mins (including warm-ups and cool-downs) should be sufficient. Although sleep isn’t considered training, it should an important part of an endomorph’s lifestyle. Creatine Ethyl Ester products such as BSN’s CellMass are very popular. Nitric Oxide products can help increase the size of blood vessels to speed up the absorption of nutrients beneficial to muscle gains. In general, there are three different “body types” so to speak. While everyone is a mix of all three, one is usually predominant over the others.

Hypertrophy exercise stimulates the growth of Type II fibers more than Type I fibers. Because of this, a muscle with a higher proportion of Type II muscular fibers will have greater expansion potential. Most people tend to eat too much, putting them in a neverending siege against a ceaseless caloric onslaught. They never even get to the point where they can focus on building muscle because they’re too worried about the far more serious problem of obesity. As much as it can suck to be naturally thinner, we’d be crazy not to appreciate such a powerful genetic advantage. Not only is it much easier for us to be optimally healthy, but we don’t need to restrict our diets, stop eating before feeling satisfied, or struggle against perpetual cravings and hunger.

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