Of course you only need this if you’re making toys or amigurumi, but it’s a vital resource for any crocheter. Toy stuffing is normally pretty cheap, but if you just need a very small amount of stuffing you could try using left over yarn ends or cotton wool instead. Stitch markers are an important tool for new and experienced crocheters alike!

Fancy trying your hand at amigurumi, but don’t want anything too big for your first project, then maybe this mini elephant crochet kit from TOFT might b perfect for you! These mini kits still come with absolutely everything you need to make Bridget the Elephant, including a crochet hook, yarn needle and toy stuffing. These mini kits are a great starting point for those interested in amigurumi, and TOFT also do larger kits and other animals too for when you’re ready to take your next step. This kit consists of two crochet hooks size 6.5mm (K/10.5), a plastic yarn needle, and seven yarn colors. A 14-page instructional book will also be included to guide ages eight and up to create a coaster, handbag, placemat, or belt. While crochet kits are wonderful for beginners, I recommend reading about the basics of crochet in my free guide Crochet for Beginners.

Below you’ll find seven unique kits to introduce you to the art of crochet. This sustainable party decoration can be used for celebrations all year round including Christmas and birthdays. Hooking each chain is very satisfying and it’s a project you can keep lengthening and invite others to contribute to, making it a perfect activity for a crafternoon get together.

If you fancy a practical project for your first crochet make, then you might enjoy this plant pot holder crochet kit from DMC. Suitable for young needlecraft aficionados (13+), t-shirt yarn is a less common material to crochet with but works wonders for larger projects. Because it’s soft, chunky, and makes larger stitches than wool , t-shirt yarn is a great starting point for beginners.

If you already own a crochet hook, you can order this kit without one for a slightly lower price. You can also purchase the pattern individually here if you just need a little design inspiration. I advise you to see the finished dimensions of the piece beforehand to ensure it’s a size you can work with or want. One of the main things that attract people to crochet kits is the opportunity to create fha collections guidelines 2020 beautiful, handmade, wearable items. Placemats, baskets, shoulder bags, and purses are some of the items you can make without having to source a single item outside of your kit — and all under $40. This pack provides newbies a top-notch first attempt at t-shirt yarn crocheting and is ideal if your goal is to create wearable and/or functional items without burning a hole in your pocket.

A bundle of 3 beginner-friendly DIY crochet kits + FREE The Crocheters’ Handbook. Looking for a book specifically with instructions on how to crochet your first blanket? Check out My First Afghan, which includes 12 patterns to get you started.

Many of the crochet kits listed offer the option of buying sets with or without certain tools. That said, even if you already own a crochet hook or two, remember that different hooks work with specific yarn weights. Just because you have these tools at hand, doesn’t mean they’re suitable for every project. Perfect for travel or crocheting everywhere, like the airport, a park, home or work space.It’s also perfect for crocheting everywhere to pastime.

You can select from a wide range of beautiful colors too, — I absolutely love the vibrant hues on offer! You can also pick between silver or gold hardware, making this a great project to express your sense of style and individuality. If this is something you think would suit you, I believe that for approximately $15, this makes for a pretty original hobby gift for young crocheters-in-the-making. As you read through the article, you’ll see references to finished project measurements and dimensions.

Some kits can get pricey, so be sure to research, compare products, and double-check the quality of materials to get the most bang for your buck. The kit includes cotton yarn, a crochet needle, a stitch marker, a tape measure, a yarn needle and a fabric bag. You’ll also have access to an online video tutorial via the QR code provided, allowing you to follow along to get started.

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