This is because the round shape of polka dots resemble coins. This is so interesting, I had no idea that this piece of clothing could bring good luck in the New Year. Test your global knowledge with the questions below.

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If you don’t have good health, nothing else matters. I had no idea that lucky underwear was anything outside of superstitious sports fans. But I think red underwear will be the choice in many countries not just Spain, especially in many Asian countries. Villagomez said that although it’s traditional to avoid black clothing on New Year’s Eve to avoid bad luck, in recent years, younger people have been less inclined to follow this one. A variation of this custom involves eating a spoonful of lentils at the beginning of the year. It’s believed that this custom came from Italy where eating a lot of lentils on the last day of the year ensured financial luck in the coming year.

Once purchased, place your sheep by the front door, maybe with a gold coin or two, and wait for the money to come rolling in in 2019. Here are some references to underwear and New Year Eve traditions. The color of your underwear is a reflection of your true personality. There are many colors in the world and they each have different meanings.

Her work has been published by BBC Travel, Condé Nast Traveler, CNN Travel and The Independent UK among others. It’s just that you’re way more likely to stick to this one — and reap the many side benefits that go along with it. Here are just a few facts about the massive celebration that is Chinese New Year, which is celebrated by over a billion people around the world. It’s supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel and prosperity. This is because “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny.”

In Germany and Austria, having little tokens like pigs, mushrooms or clovers, is thought to bring good luck to its holder. Find something that inspires or makes you happy and keep it where you can see it each day. In the country of Estonia, eating several meals on New Year’s Eve — up to 12 meals — is considered to bring feliz dia de reyes puerto rico the eater good luck in the upcoming year. So have that extra piece of pie or third helpings of those mashed potatoes. While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, in the Czech Republic, apples are used to predict people’s fortunes for the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, apples are cut in half to look at the apple’s core.

Have you been so stressed out in the workplace that even yoga sessions haven’t done you any good? If that is so, then you may want to wear white undies on New Year’s Eve to reverse your fate this 2020. Sometimes, you just got to believe in the peace, harmony and happiness that the color white brings to live a happier life. Don a red pair if you are looking for love, yellow if you want to attract wealth and green if you want good health. You may also choose to wear white underwear if you are looking for a more peaceful 12 months in 2019. Can’t say I’ve heard of this,but it sounds a bit like a weird superstition.

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