“Some people just go in and do a bulk and think, ‘I’m just going to eat whatever I want to put weight on,’ and that’s just not the way you do it,” she adds. The societal idea that dumbbells and strength-training machines should be reserved solely for gym bros is as dead and buried as the myth that rest days are for the weak. But even though the weight room has become a sweaty haven for all, the idea of bulking up and becoming muscular AF is still thought of as a practice for wannabe Arnolds and shredded bikini bodybuilders. When you’re cutting, your focus should be on eating foods that are high in nutrients and lower in calories.

This is pretty advantageous for obvious reasons, but it should be especially interesting to anyone who’s currently on a bulk. The first thing we need to consider is the intensity of the cardio. There are a number of different style of cardio, ranging from jogging to bike sprints all the way to CrossFit . I saw Rocky working out and striving to overcome obstacles, and I knew …

If you don’t track your progress then you won’t know if you aren’t gaining at all or if you are gaining too fast and adding unnecessary body fat. However, a reasonable amount of cardio exercise will help you stay lean while you are bulking. Doing cardio during the bulking period increases your level of conditioning which increases your endurance and your overall work capacity.

Remember, a proper bulk requires the same amount of discipline you’d need on a cut to get lean and toned. Research studies have actually shown that even a relatively mild cardio routine can have biocharged ozone reviews a profound impact on your mood, stress levels, and any symptoms of depression. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not being nearly as disciplined on a bulk as they are on a cut.

That’s why it’s essential to eat and train consistently to gain visible muscle and also to work your way up to bigger weights, she explains. Just like the reasons for bulking, the amount of time a bulk lasts depends on the person. For our general health, we should aim to do at least 150 minutes of cardio and at least two strength-oriented workouts every week.

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