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So I couldn’t read the article, might have been good. If you want more, you can grab this list of another 100+ contributor opportunities. If you provide any type of marketing services, you should check it out here. I recommend you start with these sites first, because you don’t have to be approved. You can just create an account and start submitting.

They only ask for you to wait 24 hours after they post the article before you do so. They also prefer you link back to their site when you post your work elsewhere. They will take articles already on other websites on occasion, but they like new content. Adding keywords to increase SEO or driving readers to websites for promotional purposes is not tolerated. I had been sending over pitches to various editors of The HuffPost for an year and never heard back. I got published on little sites that no one read until I had a portfolio deep enough to pitch bigger publications.

Confirm from the jump that you have no financial ties to the content in the article. You have to disclose any financial relationships you have with cited experts or resources in your articles. It’s a race to get to 1,000 words or more as quickly as you can, and is also usually a steaming pile of garbage. Often, a smaller publication that has your exact target audience is just as powerful as landing a placement with a big tier-one outlet.

To write as a contributor or pitch a first-person freelance idea, contact Debbie Strong at People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. And they shut off comments…can’t debate journalists or correct the children that are writing the articles… Tried to read an article on the rise and fall of the Peleton business on the Business Insider site. However I had to give up as the site loads so slowly and freezes due to the excessive number of ads and pop ups. It is better to think in the style of op-ed instead of marketing pieces when writing pieces for Fast Company.

This site is a technology, celebrity and American business website. Most of its contributors are experts in one or more of the topics they cover. To contribute to, pitch your story idea first . Also, it’s advisable to keep email pitches as pitchy as possible. Once you become a contributor, you too can write about any type of business topics.

LinkIt also helps to spend some time looking at what’s getting published now for a particular outlet. Are some of the articles responding to current events? Are there particular topics being covered repeatedly?

Four years and almost 400 articles later, I’m still contributing. If you get good enough, the major publication will come to you. Once you have the attention of a major publication, don’t waste it.

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