UC selected Banner SaaS in late 2017 with a goal of managing the university’s tremendous growth and integrating data from its multiple campuses and online school. Additionally, by deploying Ellucian’s SaaS-based software, each of UC’s functional units will be able to streamline processes, better embrace best practices and improve the experience for faculty and students alike. Many institutions will have begun thinking about or are putting in place their plans for transformation and how they will adapt to the digital era. There’s no doubt that enhancing the student experience involves the collaboration of many roles and stakeholders and digital is increasingly playing a huge role. Institutions that adopt a more strategic approach and get their students engaged in their decision-making process, with direct access to their opinions and experiences, can only benefit from this as well as help them to continue improving their service. A single, integrated view of all your campus data makes it possible to empower strategic decision-makers, enable new digital workflows, and create new student experiences freed from the application silo.

“There is great potential to do a lot to help students, like student wellbeing for example,” Aashna points out. Increasingly, learning analytics is being used to support students, identifying those at risk and enabling early intervention. The Universities UK Step Change programme sets out the case on why mental health should be a strategic priority for all higher education institutions.

Alternatively, you could look at integrations whose costs weigh on your IT team the most and who may benefit from a more resilient and maintainable approach. Cape Breton University , is the only post-secondary degree-granting institution on Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada. CBU offers undergraduate and graduate university degree programs in arts, sciences, health, business and education to a student population of approximately 5,000.

When change does occur, it tends to happen gradually, over a long period of time. Institutions may not think they have to make a dramatic change to do better. But oftentimes, committee members may feel that it’s not clear if the committee can really make a change, really make a decision. adelphi university dorms And then what’s going to happen after the committee makes a decision or recommendation? Once the recommendation heads up to the upper administration, sometimes it goes nowhere—and that can lead campus employees to feel defeated, pessimistic, or resistant to the idea of any kind change.

It seems to have been a winning formula since the institution was founded in 1840.” And this approach has, for the most part, served higher ed well in the past. Often very capable higher education leaders are rewarded for maintaining the current course and doing things well, rather than taking risks and seeking innovation. Additionally, new offerings introduced last year will support an expanded partner community across the globe. This cross-functional team works to identify customer needs outside of Ellucian’s solution portfolio and actively seeks partners in those areas in order to provide customers the solutions they need to be successful. As a part of this initiative, the team launched the Partner Relationship Management system—an interactive hub that provides a pathway to better sell, support, and implement Ellucian’s solutions. Other benefits include development testing environments for Ellucian’s major products and expansion of ActionLine support of partner solutions.

With Ellucian Colleague®, CBU looks to achieve better organizational alignment through data integration across departments. This will reduce internal siloes, virtually eliminate manual processes and allow faculty and administration to make more insightful, data-informed decisions. Software-as-a-service deployment will allow CBU to easily access the most current application releases and advanced functions, while offering greater flexibility and a modern user experience. CBU will also gain more robust business continuity capabilities through a highly reliable, redundant system that provides increased connectivity and reduced latency on a daily basis, with failover in the case of disaster.

Please note only current students with an active CBU email address are eligible to pay via this method. Double check account number for typing errors to ensure payment is applied to proper student account. The authorized user will receive an email communicating that access has been granted. Christian Brothers University is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

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