It complements anyone with a dark natural hair shade. This hairstyle starts off at the purple and slowly turns into a lighter blue color as it fades into the bottom part of the hair. This is a really pretty blue hair color that also will require a little bit of purple hair dye thrown in to ensure that you are able to get this exact coloring. You may require a little bit of navy blue hair dye to go in with the purple as this is a darker blue than what else is out there. This is what happens when you decide to cut your dark blue black hair short!

This is the look to go for when you’re afraid to cover your entire head with the blue shade. It’s sure to give your straight, mid-length tresses the excitement it needs. By flaunting your long, thick black hair with blue highlights, your presence will glow up. This long thick black hair with blue highlights is called a blue balayage. This is easily one of the dreamiest hairstyles we’ve come across all day.

However, there’s a way to get a balanced color that will reflect the beauty of the two without spending much time on choosing the best idea. In this case, all-over coloring involves painting a black base with a blue tint, blending them until they form a harmonic whole. As a result, your hair will have a natural black shade with a subtle cool undertone.

Bonus points for styling yours in two cool topknots with beach waves. Waves work to draw extra attention to the unique colors. A flouncy bob with blended streaks that alternate between green and blue? how to repair damaged relaxed hair without cutting Worried about styling aqua-hued hair for swankier events? Pile bright blue braids in a high bun with loose strands hanging down.So chic. You should wash your hair before using a semi-permanent dye.

We create products to help nourish, replenish, and strengthen your hair. Tell us more about your hair’s health, and we will craft a hair recipe for you. If you still can’t find the right solution for your hair, reach out to your stylist and create a plan. In the consultation, we ask you questions about your hair type, specific problem areas, as well as goals you might have. By combining lab innovation, natural ingredients, and proven performance, Prose delivers you truly personal haircare. Adding shape and body is a good look when you have a dimensional color to show off.

Because the colors have more space to transition from one to the other gradually. If you have shorter hair, the colors will blend together over a smaller amount of space, which results in a bolder look. While we’ve showcased a blue bob already, this particular style has a lot of uniqueness going for it and deserves its own spotlight.

Style your hair in loose waves to take this look up a notch. This deep blue and ultraviolet color blend is most certainly on my list. The color blend, along with the layers, makes for a stunning hair look. Jet blue hair streaked with blue looks remarkable.

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