If you have access to outdoors, head outside by all means, but this is appropriate for indoors as long as you have the space. Players should have their bats and wear batting gloves; no baseballs or other kinds of balls will be used. My son used a camwood for at home tee work all season last year. He went from the 7 hole hitter to lead off by midseason on his 14u team. I just bought him the next size up for this season.

I would again stress however to stick with the plus/minus 6 ounce guudeline to avoid negative side effects on the mechanics. The axe bats are also adhering that guideline.not sure it was ever proven with baseball bats though, I think the 20% come from soviet shot put studies, but too heavy or light can hurt mechanics. Yes, pretty dramatic increase over the past year.

This can be due to insufficient bat path, negative attack angle, poor direction, etc. Back in the day, it used to be the training and sessions when you work with an instructor that gets them the money. Now with the internet, that information can easily be found, so now to get the money, they have to have something that compliments the training.

It isn’t up to Driveline to tell you what to do with your baseball career. And no 6-week program on earth is “the key” to a 1.100 OPS for the rest of your career. Yeah, the camwood 30 day program is great for a road trip, but it also doesn’t have any real details to it. It’s just a list of things to do, like go to the beach or the temple.

Look for so called “drop shot” sinkers and glue them in with epoxy glue. Tape a few half dollars to the knob for quicker hands as well. It’s about 12 pennies for every ounce of weight.

Even mild to moderate pain limits his practice and game time. Also, many players balance practice with school and other responsibilities. I think it is reasonable to hit 360 feet with 75 off the tee because live pitching can add like mph if you square it up well. I think showcase exit velo measurement is a bit of a crap shoot. If he really squares one up and hits a bomb I think you’ll see decent exit velo, but if he doesn’t pound the ball you might see 75mph which doesn’t represent what he’s capable of . I have drilled holes around the sweetspot of a wood bat and then inserted cylindric fishing weights of the same diameter as the drill.

I don’t know about all the weights we got the 33-inch HS bat, but my kids were older. One thing I think is with fat knob, your kind might get a feel for good release as in the knob of the bat passing under both wrists in the follow through. Might seem silly but you’d be surprised how many kids are either pushing the bat or pulling the knob and not turning the bat. I wouldn’t overdo it just like any tool, it could just as easily be wasted if not used correctly or damaging if you use it to enforce a bad habit.

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