Studies have shown that taking zinc lozenges or syrup within the first 24 to 48 hours of the onset of cold symptoms can cut the duration of a cold by roughly a day. This is most effective essential oil for molluscum contagiosum when taken within the first 24 hours. According to devotees, the root vegetable has the ability to “draw out the cold” from a person’s body, leaving them feeling energised.

Some people may get a skin irritation called eczema by touching a potato. The reason why potatoes are put against the feet may come from a therapy in traditional Chinese medicine called reflexology. In this healing science, the soles of the feet are thought to have access points to different parts of the body. According to reflexology, treating the feet helps to treat the body. Place the onion slice in your socks , and sleep as you usually do. For sprains and inflammation, shred raw potatoes very finely, then wrap them with gauze and apply them to the afflicted region.

They made the discovery that a chemical found in potatoes did just that — it stopped germs from colonizing cells and spreading disease. The extract prevented the bacteria that are ordinarily present in the mouth and are linked to tooth decay from attaching themselves to the surfaces of the teeth. KTHV would like to send you push notifications about the latest news and weather. There’s currently a shortage of cough and cold medicines in the UK due to ministers’ “lack of planning,” according to pharmacy leaders. I was so happy to go back up to Pennsylvania and visit my family for Thanksgiving.

Lux claimed she was struggling with “the worst flu of her life” and confessed that the hack didn’t help cure her. Her video, which has garnered more than 6.6 million views, instructs viewers on how to correctly complete the remedy. Some now swear by the practice, saying the potatoes have helped draw toxins out of their bodies, leaving them feeling fresh and energized. With flu cases spiking this season, videos under the search term have clocked up an astronomical 8.1 billion views collectively. The Mayo Clinic said the best home remedies if you are sick are to drink lots of fluids, get rest, and have some soup; you can even have some potato soup.

Potatoes are antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, with nutritional cofactors and coenzymes plus bioactive compounds to help keep you healthy and assist you with stress. It is generally safe to put potatoes on your eyes overnight. However, if you have any cuts or open wounds on your eyelids, it is best to avoid doing this. Cucumbers work better for puffiness, while potatoes are more suited for anyone struggling with dark circles.

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