I curated my formula to have a eucalyptus scent and it literally smells like a spa every time I use it, which, results aside, is enough to keep me coming back for more. Immediately, I noticed that my hair was less greasy on day two, so I started to push my wash days off to day three. ” Not only did I get back precious time in the mornings, but I also didn’t have to use heat as often. A detailed survey lets Prose know everything they need about your hair in order to fully customize your chosen product to fit you best.

I usually reach forNo Excuses from Julep, which I use for every day. When I’m going to the beach or know that I’m going to be under the sun for too long, I use theUrban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector from Shiseidoit’s light, oil-free, and appears matte when applied to my skin. For my hair, which gets drier as the temperature rises, I like to keep it natural and use theMai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray from Dry Bar. With this, I can just loosely twist my hair, spray this on, leave it for 15 mins, and I will get beach waves that will last for 6 hours before I see a slight limping.

Well, customizable haircare brand, Prose, doesn’t abide by that. After creating an entirely new formula, Prose relaunched its Custom Scalp Mask in early March with a focus on treating your scalp like the skin it is. Welcome back to #AskThePros, where The Pros—your support team of custom hair care experts—break down our biggest customer questions. This month, we’re revisiting our Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask with some big news. If I’m looking to glow, I go to thePlum Rose Organic Body Oil from Coast Sydney Botanicals. It’s not sticky and it creates a subtle sheen, which of course looks great while you’re lounging outdoors.

It’s Warm but It Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Moisturize.Even with oily skin, long exposures to the sun can cause your skin to dry out. For the face, I use theTrue Aqua Bomb from Belif, which is a gel-type moisturizer that soothes, moisturizes, and hydrates the skin after a long day. In the morning, I use theVinosource Moisturizing Sorbet from Caudaliein the morning because it’s lightweight, dries matte, and it reduces the redness around my nose. Exfoliate after Being Outdoors For Too Long.Twice a week, I use a more decongesting mask during these warmer months because I breakout more at this time. Oily skin types get greasier and if we’re outdoors for too long, there are more things we encounter that will clog our pores.

Because of color treatments, my ends tend to be super dry and straw-like, but the Prose products breathed moisture back into them.” I love the shampoo and conditioner , but I feel like the real star of the show is the pre-shampoo treatment, which works in tandem with the shampoo and conditioner. The pre-shampoo treatment is a mask that you apply to your ends 5-30 minutes before your shower. I keep it on for about 10 minutes before I hop in and wash it out before applying shampoo.

My girls hair turns out so cute when we use this CURL CREAM and their hair air dries. This PROSE HAIR OIL has made such a difference in my hair! The formula is amazing and leaves my ends smooth and silky. After seven applications I can tell that my ends aren’t as crispy and split as they normally would be.

The shampoo is a crucial part of any woman’s routine in order to have healthy and stunning hair. It’s clear that Prose may not be a hair care product brand that offers the most affordable prices, but it’s fairly worth it for the money considering the value you receive. For those who can afford it, it’s hard to leave negative feedback about the brand given the high satisfaction they offer. By featuring a system that helps each customer get a custom hair product that suits them perfectly. They do this by offering various surveys and consultations for their customers. As a result, they adjust each product formula for each new customer.

When the timer goes off I peel off my face mask and jump in the shower to rinse out the hair mask then shampoo as normal. After answering all questions and choosing among four scents, Prose generated a breakdown of each of our hair and scalp characteristics, followed by the ingredients in each of our products. All of their products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and sustainable. Because these products are custom-made, the results are different for everyone.

I applied the curl cream throughout my hair with my fingers, then turned my head upside down and gave my whole head several scrunches. I ended up incorporating a few small swipes of the styling gel onto my ends while damp, and that seemed to add more texture than the cream. I took a quick but in-depth quiz half dyed curly hair about my hair type, lifestyle, and preferences so Prose could understand my personal hair needs and customize a formula specific to me. The quiz was really comprehensive and I felt confident on the level of customization. Properly applying a scalp mask really starts with nailing down a detangling routine.

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