Now since all alliance races can be warriors and priests that means all of them have to be paladins. @ pawan203, I feel I am better in CR and RC(OG11 Diagnostic rates both of them “above average”) than I am in SC(OG11 Diagnostic rates my SC “Average”). I read in someone’s debrief that scoring high on SC is very important key to high verbal score. GMATPrep picks from a limited set of questions. The final score you get here uses only the select pool of questions in its database — you are not really being compared to other test takers’ scores.

He/she obviously has no intent whatsoever to contribute maturely to Wikitravel and I think that he needs stopping before he continues to edit without consequences. —The preceding comment was added by HJ.Phillips94 (talk • contribs) . At this point, you have had the opportunity to read the comments of many people on your disruption.

You have to accept some responsibility for this. Wikitravel has never reached this point with any other user before now. Not with trolls, not with vandals, not with the most disruptive editors that have been here. Deleting listings that do not have reviews. A concern of mine is that many listings just have the name and address and no review. Whenever I see these, I do my research and try to find some information that I can rewrite into a review.

However, there is no way u will have enough time to work out every question on the test which translates to some guessing. But, dont be suprised by atleast a couple of questions from the OG’s (if you have done the OGs throughly, you’ll spot them). Are all the questions in GMATprep from the three OGs? I remember at least some questions from my two GMATPrep 1 are from OG 11 . I have couple of weeks to go for the Real test. I have taken GMATPrep 1 twice a month ago .

I remember seeing only 1 question from the latter. So it’s not really going to benefit you that much. GMATClub challenges are far more focussed, and very close to some of the real questions. You have to pay a little more attention to the first 10 questions, and balance your timing. 2) Is there a document or a list of all GMATPrep questions ?

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