It is simply Chopper expressing shock similar to how other characters express shock with their eyes popping out. Chopper would later react this way again during the fight against Monet. He speaks in a deep, gruff voice when in Heavy Boost, Arm Boost, Jumping Boost or Horn Boost, while his voice in his original, Brain Boost, and Guard Boost forms did not change . Another change in the 4Kids dub is when someone compliments him, he does not insult the person and instead just says that he wants to dance. While wandering in the forest, the baby bird and Chopper are attacked by the natives.

Well-established pirates—most notoriously the Four Emperors—have been known to mark entire towns and even islands with their Jolly Roger, deeming such locations their “territories” and promising protection and retribution against outside attack. Chopper’s personal jolly roger (post-timeskip) as detailed in the One Piece Magazine. This set of two epoxy pins feature Chopper’s iconic Jolly Roger skull symbol and Chopper himself enjoying his favorite food; cotton candy. He featured in the second wave of the One Piece VS Figure Gashapon series.

Although Oda resisted the idea of a mascot character, he relented after seeing Noboru Koizumi’s art and animation of Chopper, as well as hearing Ikue Otani’s voice acting of the character. A fan noticed in the panel where Chopper meets Holy that Chopper’s antlers were connected to his hat rather than his head. Wondering how this is possible, the fan sent a letter to Oda asking about it. Having received several letters like it, Oda replied to the fan and the others asking the same question, that they should not take the scene too literally.

In the first draft of Romance Dawn, Luffy’s Jolly Roger was depicted with a somewhat flatter skull, accompanied by two horizontally parallel arms instead of crossbones. This prototypical version different stardew valley farms of Luffy also made a habit of collecting flags from rival pirates he defeated. A few characters sport their own personal Jolly Roger. The reasons for that differ, as do the sources of the flags.

69 (p. 66), Chopper’s profile after timeskip is revealed. If the Straw Hat Pirates were not pirates, then Chopper would be an elementary school teacher. Chopper’s favorite type of island and season is spring on a winter island.

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