The moment a blindfold is attached, the person wearing it has become the “submissive” and the other person “dominant”. As we progress in this exploration, we move on to things in which there is more actual physical control. For many, this comes about with the gentle pinning of the arms or pulling of the hair. We have now a situation in which someone is physically dominating the other. Pinning a woman’s wrists to the bed while having sex is demonstrating control, strength and power. It shows that he is in charge by engaging in an act that in most other situations in life could be considered illegal.

And ladies, while this article was written from a man’s point of view, don’t forget that he probably wants to be spanked as well and it is ok if you want to be the dominant one. It really is ok to be kinky and live out your fantasies beyond your computer screen. lorenzo baehne I follow Ronnie and yes she loves to get spanked Some times she finds a reason some times P spanks her because he wants to but usually gives her a reason. I get spanked because I’m submissive to my wife and I love presenting my bottom to her for spanking.

She also loves spanking me and many times has told me to get her some implements so she can spank me. Now having said that I will also say she has given me punishment for real reasons and they are not play and no sex after just a good hard spanking the type you wish had not happened. I do have a temper and I do snap at her at times and too many times she will ask me to do something and I keep putting it off.

I hope that at least on some level this helps people cope with some of the more difficult aspects of their fetish. Let’s start off with a basic demonstration. Clap your hands together, very hard, ten times. Not like you are clapping at a play or concert, but as hard as you can, so you can really feel the burn. We don’t normally clap our hands together that hard because it hurts.

I have been able to read a few blogs but don’t have time to comment much. I have done a cosmetic remodel of our master bath , hosted family for two weeks, ferried kids to and from camp for weeks, and we managed a week long family vacation earlier in the summer. All in all it has been a very busy summer, much busier than the regular school year with its predictable routines. This summer at least has kind of been exhausting. We connected through spanking and some really hot fun in the bedroom.

“Stand up and go stand in the corner for five more minutes” I told him. While he was waiting I went and got the cane and small paddle, went over grabbed him by his cock, walked him towards the bed sat down and pulled him over my bare lap. Sex ALWAYS follows, and she still enjoys a very light hand spanking during intercourse if she is on top – frequently a little light spanking is what she needs to send her “over the top”. They can fight the feminist fight, sure, but if there’s indoctrination going on then attack that at source, and leave us brainwashed, downtrodden women to enjoy a good spanking.

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At its very core a spanking is a painful punishment that is meant to teach a lesson, one that the person being spanked has little or no control over. As adults into spanking, this is all that we are mentally looking for, and the age of the recipient has little or no bearing on this situation. But the reality of our world provides very few instances of this happening to adults, so we allow ourselves to push age aside and get caught up in the reality of the situation. Once again, a tough topic to discuss and even harder to rationalize, but I believe there is great truth to the points I have made.

Punishment or not, at some point the person being spanked expressed a desire to be spanked. As much as they may hate it at the time, at some point before or after, they fantasized about being spanked. For me, the concept of them wanting it, takes a bit away from the whole dynamic.

To illustrate, she commented on a Spanko Brunch that she was spanked by the Head Chef for not completing my commis chef duties. The first question that most people that are not “into” spanking ask, is why spanking? There are so many reasons that spanking is appealing to consenting adults as a way to spice up their love life. At its very root, I think the simplest answer is that it takes the concept of general dominance and submission, which many couples practice in some form, to the next level. Many couples probably do not believe that they are dominant or submissive in their sexual behavior, but I think it exists on many levels. It can be as simple as a “rough sex”, fingernails down the back, a tug of the hair, or pinning her/his arms during sex.

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