In England, during plagues they would chop up onions and leave them in the room to purify the air and to help them not be susceptible to infections, the flu or anything that may harm them. The bottom of your feet are biofreeze gout powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body through what is known as meridians in Chinese medicine. Some people say that meridians do not exist within the body or at the bottom of the feet.

Your doctor can also give you their professional opinion about some home remedies, including whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks. However, reviews of published studies on the practice conclude that the evidence isn’t strong enough to prove it works, although its use is relatively safe given it doesn’t involve any drugs or invasive procedures. There has been an age old controversy regarding the existence of meridians, but those who are well versed with the Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely related to our body’s nervous system. Any claims of effectiveness are based on anecdotes rather than research. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations.

An onion slice absorbs all the impurities present in the air when exposed to oxygen, purifying your surroundings and letting you breathe in fresh air. Onions are rich in sulphuric compounds, which make it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Practicing this habit will prevent you from smelly foot and will not let bad smell revive.

Instead of worrying, complaining, and wallowing in pity when you get sick, think positively and tell yourself that you’re going to get better soon. Don’t knock yourself over when you’re already down – practice positivity. “There is no scientific evidence that a cut raw onion absorbs germs or rids the air of toxins/poisons,” their official website warns. Onions are one of the richest sources of dietary flavonoids, which decrease the risk of inflammatory diseases. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties present in onion help you build a natural defense against germs. So whenever an antigen or infecting organism will enter your body the immune system will start creating antibodies to fight against diseases or illness.

The bottom of the feet have many different nerve endings, approximately 7,000 that directly link to different organs within the body. 3 Things Happen When You Put Cut Up Onions In Your Socks While You Sleep. First, this benefits your health and blood by entering the bloodstream and… AAP is Australia’s only independent newswire service, delivering stories and images around the country and around the world every day.

Onions also contain antioxidants and compounds that, when eaten, help to work against inflammation, decrease triglycerides and lower cholesterol levels. All of these benefits could be beneficial to overall health such as leading to a lower heart disease risk. The anti-inflammatory properties of onions could also help lower high blood pressure and protect against blood clots. More studies are ongoing to understand several other health benefits of onions.

Although onions do have some health benefits when eaten, there have not been any scientific studies to back the onion in sock remedy. According to the folk remedy, if you come down with a cold or the flu, all you have to do is slice a red or white onion into rounds, place them on the bottoms of your feet, and put on a pair of socks. In this case, as well, the topical application of some chemicals in onions could kill bacteria externally. However, just as the ingestion of onions will not reduce external bacterial infections, neither will a topical application be effective at creating any change to the internal systems of one’s body, as claimed. Every so often, alarm bells are sounded on food blogs about the inclusion of phosphoric acid as a preservative in minced packages of garlic. Needless to say, the lack of phosphoric acid in onions is another serious blow to the proffered theories for why sock onions could have medicinal properties.

As you sleep, the healing properties of the onions will be absorbed by the feet, and this will help in stimulating the meridians. Take an onion and cut it into thin and flat slices (make sure it’s an organic onion to avoid any side effects of pesticides like fungal infections). Onions may bring tears to your eyes but they add an amazing taste to your food. Onions are also a great source of vitamin C, which again builds a good immune system and plays an important role in fighting disease when eaten. Onions are also rich in organosulfur compounds which can prevent the development of cardiovascular disease if regularly consumed.

Such articles are not suitable for any (self-) diagnosis and treatment of individual illnesses and medical indications. In particular, they cannot substitute for the examination, advice, or treatment by a licensed physician or pharmacist. No replies to any individual questions shall be effected through the articles. In fact, many experts have weighed in, further debunking the onion healing theory.

Practitioners apply pressure to specific areas of the body to try to help chronic diseases, stress, strokes, and muscular disorders. No studies have been done to refute the claim of onions in the sock, either, but the mechanism by which onions in your socks is said to work is also questionable. Therefore, an onion would not be able to draw in virus and absorb it.

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