Each suite contains four single bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a common living area complete with furniture. Roderick Hall has two laundry facilities located on the first floor which are shared with Alumni Hall. All residents in Roderick are on the unlimited meal plan. View Roderick floor plan, Roderick single kendall jenner black lives poster room, Roderick quad room. Located on the north side of campus near Lake Jovita are Apartments 1, 2, 3, and 4. All four apartment buildings are home to upper-class students, though Apartments 1 and 2 are predominantly juniors and sophomores and Apartments 3 and 4 are predominantly seniors and juniors .

Yes, Saint Leo University does offer campus housing to their students. The most common type of undergraduate housing offered is dorms/residence halls. If a student decides to partake in on-campus housing at Saint Leo University, they are expected to pay an average amount of $13,110 yearly. Dormitory apartments 5 and 6 are four story buildings, providing suite-style living for approximately 300 students. Benoit Hall houses over 120 first-year male residents in a traditional “community style” layout. There are two floors separated into two wings with a Resident Assistant assigned to each wing.

Of students say that Greek life is average, and no one will treat you differently if you don’t join. Based on campus diversity, social scene, student reviews, and additional factors. Based on quality of housing, food services, student reviews, and additional factors. When students are not living off-campus, they can choose between any of St. Leo’s 6 on-campus dorms.

It also caters heavily to the military professional, as most of my peers are service men and women. The knowledge you gain from them can never be learned in any book. I have never heard a bad dorm story, therefore, I rate it a 5 star experience. The best thing to do is be yourself and never be afraid to ask a question. Instructors are fair, and every single person at the school is concerned for and genuinely cares about your success. Whether you’re walking to class or coming back from late-night studying (or partying!), it’s important to feel safe on campus.

St. Leo is not a school whether online or on campus, that encourages procrastination and laziness. It functions to provide you with the best possible education that you need, if you work hard and want it. I started the orientation that St. Leo offers for upcoming students, and just from the orientation I have learned so much about myself.

Alumni Hall is home to the Academic Excellence Living Learning Community. For more information about this specialized community please click here. Though Baumann has not heard of another university installing a massive fish tank, he said more and more workout rooms, game rooms, and lounges are starting to pop up in new residence halls.

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