Then, when you arrive at the restaurant to pick up your food, you can use Apple Pay to pay for any additional items you may have purchased while there. Customers can use Apple Pay on their Apple Watch or iPhone to make payments. To use Apple Pay, customers must have Apple Pay on their devices and insert their iPhones near the NFC card reader. Once the iPhone has been detected, the restaurant will confirm the payment. Regarding paying for your food, Wendy’s accepts cash and various other payment methods, including Apple Pay. You can pay with Apple Pay in the restaurant or online using Wendy’s app.

However, if you need clarification on whether Wendy’s accepts Apple Pay, you can always ask the server. You can also add a gift card and never guess the balance again. Once you’re done with authenticating your card, show your device’s screen to the contactless NFC card reader, and the payment will be completed once a green checkmark is displayed. The chain implemented this decision on February 28th, and POS terminals are all set up and ready for customers to use. Apple Pay payments can be made by customers via Wendy’s iOS app. This came as a tag-along feature of the latest update, i.e., version 9.3.3 of the Wendy’s App.

We do not understand why Wendy’s has not implemented this system in its franchise. Perhaps in a few months and considering the high-demand and large chains joining this service, they will begin to accept it. With Apple Pay, you experience hassle-free payment and earn loyalty points simultaneously.

Customers can use their iPhone or Apple Watch at Wendy’s to pay with Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay requires the user to glance at the phone’s screen and double-tap the side button. Apple Pay works with different cards, including gift cards. Once the payment is made, customers will need to enter their passcode. Wendy’s is investigating the possibility of fraudulent activity on its credit card system.

Open the Apple Pay app and select the card using which you would like to pay. Inform Wendy’s staff at the checkout counter that you would like to pay using Apple Pay, and they will let you know if that’s a valid option. I had to fulfil my little nephew’s demand, so we entered the restaurant. As I took my wallet out, I saw I didn’t have enough cash. However, if you are in the store and want to pay using Apple Pay.

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Eat, earn Rewards points, and trade ’em in for anything in the Rewards Store. You can use Apple Pay for your drive-thru orders at Wendy’s, provided you are using the correct version of their iOS app. To enjoy the benefits, you have to create a Wendy’s account, as these points remain stored on your account.

Guests can pay with a credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or a Wendy’s gift card for online orders. Wendy’s also offers various discounts and coupons that can be used toward purchases. Wendy’s accepts cash and cards grahams barber shop both for sit-down and drive-through orders. To know the options of cards and other payment methods acceptable at Wendy’s, read further. The other enchanting mode of payment at Wendy’s is using the own gift card.

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