We strive to do this whilst maintaining backwards and cross-compatibility, which not only preserves usability for our global user community, but also helps to reduce our environmental impact by avoiding product obsolescence. COMANDANTE® develops and manufactures high performance coffee grinders, burrs, and tools for professionals and enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide solutions to help coffee lovers consistently get the best out of their favourite coffees, decade after decade. After all, good tools can boost the global access to and appreciation of coffee quality.

Bond replaces the engine with a Mark IV 4.9 L and commissions a body from Mulliners that was a “rather square convertible two-seater affair.” He paints this car battleship grey and upholsters it in black. Later, against the advice of Bentley, he adds an Arnott supercharger. In 1957 Fleming had written to Rolls-Royce’s Chairman, Whitney Straight, to get information about a new car for Bond. Fleming wanted the car to be a cross between a Bentley Continental and a Ford Thunderbird. Straight pointed Fleming to chassis number BC63LC, which was probably the inspiration for the vehicle that ended up in the book.

Feel the atmosphere of retro-style interiors, smooth jazz, dense cigarette smoke, and a smell of good coffee while wearing the classy detective outfit and listening to professional voice-acting. It’s like a hole was punched in the space time continuum and these little capsules fell baking yeast in spanish out. It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s unlikely there’s coffee this delicious anywhere else. However you enjoy coffee, this is a better way to enjoy however you enjoy coffee. COMANDANTE® is a small, family-run project created by specialty coffee and engineering professionals.

As a spin-off from the original literary work, Casino Royale, a television adaptation was made, “Casino Royale”, in which Bond was depicted as an American agent. There have been twenty-seven Bond films; seven actors have played Bond in these films. The worried family believes that one of Richard’s partners is to blame. For the first time in his career, the detective will have to work undercover as a businessman… The iconic and clean design of our C40 grinder has become synonymous with world class grind performance.

To their great surprise, the rebels discovered two Union cavalry brigades encamped in the town. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Union forces retreated under fire to Cemetery Hill, the northernmost sector of their defensive perimeter. Lee had already managed to advance past the border town of Gettysburg. Learning that Meade could threaten the rebels’ supply lines to the south, however, Lee turned his army around and prepared his forces for battle. Considering a trip to the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center? Here are some more reasons why every Civil War history buff should make the pilgrimage.

As the background to Bond’s childhood, Higson used Bond’s obituary in You Only Live Twice as well as his own and Fleming’s childhoods. In forming the early Bond character, Higson created the origins of some of Bond’s character traits, including his love of cars and fine wine. In May 2018 Horowitz released Forever and a Day; again containing unreleased material from Fleming.

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