An exam may be taken if one of the criteria described below is met. All LEAs must use have UIDs for their students and staff to submit data for all collections. Each student and staff member will have a single unique identifier for his or her entire career within the Texas educational system . Individuals will retain the same unique identifier even if they leave the Texas education system and return years later or transition from being a student to a staff member. These web services allow student information system and Human Resources vendors to interact directly with the Unique ID system. Vendors can incorporate the Unique ID web services into their software to search for a student/staff, assign/retrieve a Unique ID, retrieve near matches or to resolve near matches.

Toby wants to teach English, but his degree is in Journalism. If his degree does not have enough English credit hours, then he will be placed in Journalism. We will review your transcripts to confirm you have the required hours for an area. SBEC receives many questions (e-mails) on a wide variety of subjects.

You can also check the list of score report dates available here. You will create a password between 6 and 30 characters long, and you will also be asked to provide a security question and answer in case you need to change your password. Create a Texas Education Agency account and retrieve your TEA ID number to register for TExES exams. Be admitted to the Teacher Education Program before enrolling in UTCH 3302.

If your name change has not been completed by that time, you should reschedule your exam to a later date to allow time for your name change to be completed. Why should I apply for certification if I don’t plan on teaching right away? The state of Texas is continuously updating available educator certificates and the requirements for each certificate.

For this reason and to better serve you, we have provided you with several choices below. You must bring to the exam administration two pieces of original and valid identification, printed in English in the name in which you registered. Your identification must contain your name, a recent recognizable photograph, and your signature.

You will need to provide a rustoleum paints to link your Pearson account with your TEA account. If you’re a first-timer, go to the Texas Education Agency website and click on ECOS for educators . Once you’ve created a TEA Login or TEAL, you’ll be given a TEA ID number to use for your TExES exam.

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