(As reported from trial, Addimando was holding the gun so briefly she didn’t leave prints; only Grover’s fingerprints were found on the gun’s slide.) Ms. Krauss had this forensic information prior to Grand Jury. McLoughlin angiomas on breast told the packed courtroom of how he had re-read the transcripts of Addimando’s three days of testimony on Monday before the sentencing. McLaughlin began his career in 1972 as an assistant New York City district attorney.

No person should be tried on any criminal charge save in due course of law. Judge Hayes surcharged Murphy for $189,439, removed him as the trustee, and referred the matter to an attorney grievance committee and prosecutors. Murphy admitted that he had paid himself $80,000 from the Colvin trust, according to a Second Appellate Division disciplinary record. He told judge Hayes that the money had been “waylaid” but he did not know where the funds went. He also offered evidence that even more money had been misplaced or misdirected but was unable to explain what happened to the money.

In an ironic twist, the maximum-security women’s prison she was sent to was the birthplace of the legislation that allowed her sentence to be shortened. Bedford Hills inmates started the push in 1985 for reduced sentences for abuse survivors, prompting a legislative hearing inside the prison and culminating in 2019 − 34 years later − in the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act. “My mother worked with domestic violence survivors all her life and opened the Kathleen Mary House to make sure they had a safe place to go,” Hochul wrote on Twitter last year. “She inspired me to fight for survivors everywhere. I want New Yorkers to know that we will support survivors − always.” “He’s a D.A.’s judge, and he’s the worst,” says Michael Fineman, a criminal defense attorney, echoing sentiments about McLaughlin shared by many defense attorneys who spoke to the Voice.

Most of those lawyers aren’t willing to talk on the record because McLaughlin could decide their future cases, but the mention of his name sometimes elicits a wry chuckle. The judge is the one that makes all the decisions in a michael kors court. The judge has a lot of other things going on in his life besides making all the decisions, but as a judge he still has a lot of influence on the legal system. We wanted to put the idea of a michael kors court on our website so people could have a chance to get up-to-date information on the case. The idea of having a michael kors court is one we had been hearing a lot of about and we wanted to put it on our website. A michael kors court is a group of people who have a common goal and look for guidance from one of the judges.

One day last May, McLaughlin removed his robe and adjusted the pale yellow tie around the collar of his light pink shirt. A sentencing hearing had cut into his next meeting, and he didn’t like falling behind. McLaughlin is known for his efficiency, even given the burdensome backlog nearly all judges experience on their dockets. In addition to his long service as a prosecutor, he was the executive director of the state Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice. His grandfather had even been chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court.

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